Friday, September 25, 2009

Pink Saturday - Pink Carnation - lol!

This isn't about
a pink carnation
a white sport coat.

Time out for a flashback moment ...
Old timers you'll remember the song ...
there's youtube!

And yes, I remember the performer,
but NOT old enough for this performance, lol!

It's about being

In love with a 
pink truck.
he's not available.

I met this cutie from

While not bubble gum pink ...
he's definitely channeling the pink vibe!
And in this pic he's visiting a retirement center.


The volunteer spirit touches my heart.

But it would clearly be
strictly a rebound relationship.

Maybe I should give up on the
farm boy and go with
something with a little more
classic rock and roll ...

You know ...
Jerry Lee and the boss ...

"I love you for your pink Cadillac"

Mmmm ...

Maybe this hot little number ...

from Apples of Gold

Well --

How about
construction workers?

(insert your own joke about
construction workers being studs ...)
That's a 
pink cement mixer!

Something about a pink cement mixer ...
shows his confidence!

Still not right.

Soft spot for those
military types?

Always ready to serve the cause.
The Hummer -- Maybe!

Perhaps a good ol' boy.
like a Ford Ranger ...

But if we're
to a pick-up ....

Maybe a little of this ...

(ok, maybe a lot!)

to turn 

into my love.

Anyone up for a project?

Give me a call ...


1-800 pinkcar .... lol!

Oh, and the
title of the post?

If we ALL drove these rigs ...

wait for it ...

We'd be living in a

no groans, please ... 

Pink Car Nation!

Hugs and have a pinkalicious Saturday!
Sammy Girl
phone number is a phoney - please don't call it ...
construction truck images from Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event - here
phone image from somewhere on Isabel's blog Maison Douce - here (she is so nice and has the BEST stuff!)
For some really neat guys ... go visit the Pink Ribbon Tour - here
More Pink Saturday - click here


No I'm not depressed.
My Black Friday
is not referring to the 
Financial Crisis of 1869 
where the market crashed 
because of attempts to corner and control 
the gold market .... 
or the 
day after Thanksgiving shopping binge 
which has been called Black Friday 
since policemen used the term
due to the difficult traffic Philadelphia
in the mid 60's  ....
BUT ...

We have White Wednesday
Pink Saturday

Isn't it TIME for a

It is said
black "grounds" a room and
every room needs a little black.

I have a lot of black bits in the
Who Villa ...

But let me share some images 
from some other folks.
image from Better Homes and Gardens

lots of lovely pics ...
Even if you are CONVINCED
you HATE black.

if you haven't been following the
of their reno
you are missing some great stuff!

Black plays well with others.
Whether on the front stoop in London
or a living room.

Black doesn't eliminate your flexibility.

Look at this room from 

here's a basic room ...
nothing crazy

add orange for fall ... still works!

What about Christmas?
Trendy spring colors?
Yep - that too!
This quote

"Black is the new Black"

Gotta love it!
"Fasten your seat belts: Black is the new black. Decoratively speaking, it's been known as somber, soigné, and serious. But when you want to pull out all the stops, you pull out the black."

Bottom line ...
isn't it time for a little
in your life ...

that is, lol!

Invite black into your home
and have some fun!

Candlesticks - any style! 

A dresser, perhaps?

Ask your house ...
what kind of LBD is it waiting for you 
to find (or paint!)?

Hugs and have a stunningly wonderful "Black Friday"!
Sammy Girl

Does anyone else like black bits?  Can you do a post with pics and tell me about it?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

White Wednesday - Mmmm


Today IS Wednesday.

Again?   Already?

Didn't we JUST have a Wednesday?

Wow ... what's it gonna be like when I'm 80?

You know .... they say time goes faster when you get older.

Think when I'm 80 it'll be SUPERSONIC!! 

Guess that will make me a superhero ... ?


I love having pretty pictures to look at.

Here are some I have pulled from magazines.


Pictures and places on my computer.

Some have sources ...
some not so much.

If I have one of yours and no ID
please let me know so I can give you credit.

Please enjoy some of the images 
that bring me joy
and inspiration
even when life goes by in a blur!

This image is from a story in 
Country Home on Willow Nest.
Linda's wonderful work
has inspired me for 6-7 years.
Who can remember?

an uber yummy German blog
Shabby French and Seaside Interior.
Visit this blog whenever YOU need a boost -

From Finland 
(so were my grandparents!)
Another blog you 
even if you don't translate ...

She is such a sweetie!
And her photos and
etsy goodies are incredible.
Go say hi!

Don't remember where I saw these beauties ...
think one of the Swedish sites I visit.

There are so many lovely blogs out there.
Check out my sidebar for others.
It's an image of goodies I found this summer.
Think at Julie and Christa's show.

Kindred Roses, I mean ...

Go ahead and click to enlarge and use for projects if you want.
or just visit and say "hi".
(How about that RAIN in Camas?!!)

Always a go to for
sweet pics and inspiration.
More Atlanta Bartlett.

Here's a last
inspirational image.

it IS the Statue of Liberty.
But it is also
so much more.
(click to see what I mean)

Don't forget to visit Kathleen 
at Faded Charm for more 
White Wednesday!

Hugs and have a delightful day!
Sammy Girl

Saturday, September 19, 2009

ToDAy Is ....

Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Never heard of it?
Must not be from Oregon ...

I'm just saying
we have a sense of humor around here


this movie was filmed in Oregon.

'Nuff said.

Now, avast ye landlubber
and go plunder some treasure!

Hugs and have a super day .... ARRG!
Sammy Girl

Friday, September 18, 2009

And the WINNER is ... (and a secret!)

This book and ...
these goodies covered in roses ...
are going to a mother of 6 ...
who is also a grandmother ...

Rebecca for Vintage Living
has won the giveaway!

This pic is from her YUMMY website!

Go visit her site to say "hi"


you might discover,
(like I did,)
you LOVE the same things!

This is a light fixture she pictured as a recent find ...

... and this one is in MY garage awaiting rewiring ... (still!)
actually it's one of a pair.
Why haven't I finished this project!

Anyhow ...

Rebecca's number was drawn!

With over 100 entries 
there were many nice comments.

One of my favorites was from
Clara and Marcela of San Clemente ...
We'll need to get a job in Customs...people carrying these kind of treasures will never make it to the other side...we'd confiscate everything!!!! LOL!!!!

Yes, working in customs to 
the kinds of treasures 
I lugged home from London 
would be fun ... 

going through the dirty laundry, 
notsomuch .... !

Guess I just have to find things the old fashioned way ... 
hunting and having friends who hunt!

Which reminds me that the 
 is this Sunday.
(click above or on sidebar for info and directions)

Antiques and Collectibles
Live Music
Vintage Car Show

And the gardens!

What Fun!

Hopefully a few things will leave
the Who Villa for
a new home.


Mr. Sammy Girl says 
proceeds from this "reorganizing" 
can go into my
"Return to London" fund!


Come and say "hi" ....
Martha - Vintage Trifles - and I
will share a space.

My little "secret" ??
I'll have something special 
for the first few who say hi 
and ask about my blog ....

Hugs and have a Happy Friday and fabulous weekend!
Sammy Girl
ps: Rebecca, please send me your mailing address ...