Wednesday, September 16, 2009

White Wednesday - memories and a beach house - lol!

Welcome to White Wednesday

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lists sites who participate.

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Can you say YUMM!

On the deck at the
Who Villa

a chippy, funky, white metal table
from a friend who died too young
can never be "fixed" by painting ....

In the two pots?

jade plants
started from my grandmother's
HUGE jade plant.

She had for YEARS.

The large plant survived
my care for years.
Sometimes just barely.
A couple of near-death experiences
and 3 moves!

Yes, there's a story about how the
cleaning solvent got sprayed on it
instead of water ...
and one on how it was
during a freak storm ...

It has now outgrown the
Who Villa and lives
retired in a greenhouse
at my mom's.

Should be safe there.

These starts are for her
Perhaps they will carry on
Gramma Liisa's
love of gardening to another generation.

Here's a start in a 
chippy birdhouse.

Now come with me to the beach house.

We have rocks and shells ...
(I LOVE beach agates!)

coral and more
"plain ol' beach rocks"

and here's the
"beach house"!

it IS a house ...
and it DOES
have my goodies from the BEACH!

So it's the 
Beach House at Who Villa!

Not only that ...

this little house reminds me of
three ladies.
Cindy and Martha
are closely linked to the house ...

and the little table it's on
is a "make-do"
from my mom's
childhood table.

But that's a story for another time ....

Just so you're
not disappointed ...
here are some images from
who has a giveaway going!

Hugs and hope the memories you make today are wonderful!
Sammy Girl


  1. And you forgot to mention that the jade plants survived the forgetful friend who watched things at Who-Ville while you were in London! They are looking good - and I love the one that 'lives' in the birdcage. Didn't I see that somewhere in the garage. Near Mr. Rusty's mealtime spot? It looks great on the deck with the jade. And the beach house is just wonderful. ~Adrienne~

  2. I have truely enjoyed my visit with you. I loved the story about the plants and your mother and her starting plants to hand down to her grandchildren. That is the most creative thing I ever heard. Give her a hug for me.


  3. Lovely mom had a rubber tree plant that was over 60 years old!

  4. Your photos are so pretty. Makes me wish I was on vacation at the beach. Love that birdcage.


  5. Great treasures and the kind of beach house we can all afford...LOL!!! Thank you for a fun post!

  6. Hi
    wonderful post
    love all the pics

    have a super day.


    barbara jean