Friday, September 18, 2009

And the WINNER is ... (and a secret!)

This book and ...
these goodies covered in roses ...
are going to a mother of 6 ...
who is also a grandmother ...

Rebecca for Vintage Living
has won the giveaway!

This pic is from her YUMMY website!

Go visit her site to say "hi"


you might discover,
(like I did,)
you LOVE the same things!

This is a light fixture she pictured as a recent find ...

... and this one is in MY garage awaiting rewiring ... (still!)
actually it's one of a pair.
Why haven't I finished this project!

Anyhow ...

Rebecca's number was drawn!

With over 100 entries 
there were many nice comments.

One of my favorites was from
Clara and Marcela of San Clemente ...
We'll need to get a job in Customs...people carrying these kind of treasures will never make it to the other side...we'd confiscate everything!!!! LOL!!!!

Yes, working in customs to 
the kinds of treasures 
I lugged home from London 
would be fun ... 

going through the dirty laundry, 
notsomuch .... !

Guess I just have to find things the old fashioned way ... 
hunting and having friends who hunt!

Which reminds me that the 
 is this Sunday.
(click above or on sidebar for info and directions)

Antiques and Collectibles
Live Music
Vintage Car Show

And the gardens!

What Fun!

Hopefully a few things will leave
the Who Villa for
a new home.


Mr. Sammy Girl says 
proceeds from this "reorganizing" 
can go into my
"Return to London" fund!


Come and say "hi" ....
Martha - Vintage Trifles - and I
will share a space.

My little "secret" ??
I'll have something special 
for the first few who say hi 
and ask about my blog ....

Hugs and have a Happy Friday and fabulous weekend!
Sammy Girl
ps: Rebecca, please send me your mailing address ...


  1. Congrats to Rebecca!!! she's a sweetheart and well deserving! Good luck at the show and hope you make lots of $$$ for the "going back to London" fund!

  2. I need another book like a hole in the head, but I'll have to see if the library system has this one. Looks neat.

    I didn't know about the antique faire. So much going on this weekend.

  3. Congratulations to Rebecca! Do I get a prize if I stop by your booth at Deepwood and say hi and ask about your blog? Even though I'm helping you on Sunday? Thanks for sharing Rebecca with us. What fun to find another kindred spirit!!

  4. Hi Sammy..loved your visit and your blog. Those wonderful lights make fabulous candle holders :0

  5. Woohoo...thank you! First time winner here...
    I am so excited, it is late Saturday evening - I just got home from a long day at the shop and I find an email saying I won - what a nice surprise to go to your blog and find such kind words about my blog...thank you thank you