Tuesday, September 15, 2009

GIVEAWAY - last posting!

This book says it all ...
whether in London
or Oregon.
Do you know Atlanta Bartlett's work?
It's wonderful.

No, really!

Here's her website to check things out ...
I'll wait.

Here's a sample pic for those who didn't look!

And ... guess what!

She is doing a book signing ...


I guess I should've stayed longer!  lol!

Besides the book
The Comforts of Home

the winner will get all of this!
Some of the goodies --
a vintage postcard 
with roses ....
another vintage card
this one is Valentine's Day ...
They are lovely on the front ...
but LOOK at the back!

The birthday card is dated
February 17, 1915
with this inscription:
Dearest friend 
Forgot to send this on time so will send it now.  
Hope this finds you all well and happy.
With lots of love

Other postcard is mailed to
Junction City, Oregon.

Ledger paper is also included ...
Pacific Visible Systems
Portland, Oregon

A delicate glass
"flower basket"

sweet slotted dish
English bone china egg cup

small handpainted pink roses
set in a band of blue
and there are
of these Meito China bowls!

and a plate with trio of pink roses.
Maybe for your cookies -
er, biscuits I mean -
during tea.
Hmmm ... wasn't there something else PROMISED?!!


Bits from London.

See them in the "new"
group shot?

At the top.

First we have
a rusty old skeleton key ....

Bought in England.  

But so many of the market vendors are from all over Europe that the key could be from ANYWHERE!

I know .... isn't that your key to the little box you keep in the back of your closet with ....

Well - we'll let that secret stay a secret!

Finally -
A touch of royalty.

A sweet spoon.

With royal connections.

...besides you, I mean!

I wonder if you can click to enlarge and see what it says ....

This spoon.

King Edward VIII
inscription FED. DEF. IND. IMP.

I do not read Latin
(yes - I am a public education doofus...)
but I believe it means
defender of Empire and God
which apparently was the
job description of
Britain's kings and queens.

Who knew?
This is the King who renounced his throne for love
of an American.

And now he's yours ...
If you enter the giveaway by commenting on this post.

Comments you made on 
any of the posts on London
will also count.

And letting me know you
blogged and linked
to the giveaway
the number of your comments.
Only one comment per post.

Comments can be made
through Thursday
Sept. 17th

Hugs and have a simple ROYAL day overflowing with wonderful things.
Sammy Girl


  1. WOW! You got a lot of goodies there! Thanks for offering. Now I am off to visit Atlanta Bartlet! Thanks for the giveaway and the link!

  2. Wow, I saw some of these when I was 'watching' your house and Mr. Rusty Cat while you were in London but I love them all over again. Plus the new things you've added! Some lucky blogger is going to be happy!! Hope it's me - I shared on my blog, you know. Do I get double? Whoo-who!! ~Adrienne~

  3. Hey Sammy,
    What a fabulous bunch of goodies for your give away. The dishes and ephemera are wonderful AND I love anything British! Thanks so much for coming by. Have a great week!

  4. Absolutely beautiful things:)


  5. Are you cuckoo? This terrific stuff is a fantastic collection of goodies, that you want to giveaway?
    Good Lord girl! THose dishes alone are to die for! Lovely!

  6. You are such an angel Betty! Thank you for your sweet comment ~ I just love blogging and want others to experience it as well, and you are great at it!!!! I love your wonderful pile of treasures you're giving away ~ you are doing it up in style sweets! I hope your week is going great dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  7. Hello Betty What a gorgeous assortment of beautiful goodies!!! When I saw the book, I thought, I gotta enter this giveaway. Then the pile of treasure just kept growing!!! Please put my name in, pretty please. Btw, thanks for stopping & commenting on Love2...but you forgot to say which giveaway you liked. Can I guess that it would be PROPER?? I'll put you down for that one unless I hear otherwise, okay? Have a great week *elaine*

  8. Hey there Betty! We had so much fun at our flea market, I wish you could have joined us...but do try for the Oct. 3rd birthday outdoor gala, it will be fun!! I love your giveaways, I'll post it on my blog too, put me in the pot for the drawing!! Lisa :-)
    p.s. if you make it to our Oct. 3rd event, will you please introduce yourself to me? I love putting faces to these precious blogs.

  9. Your giveaway is fantastic . someone is surely going to be a lucky one and I course I wish it to be me. Thanks for doing this.
    Jean in virginia