Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pink Saturday - Pink Roses!

Today's pink?

in many forms.

Like this beautiful rose
visit her blog for this weeks participants
I didn't make the cutoff to be officially included.
Dad in hospital ... but now he's home.
That kinda stuff .....

What about these dried roses
Debbie always has the BEST STUFF!
Her post from Thursday has the
yummiest old books.
Gotta go see!

How about a shabby vintage print?
I love this one SO MUCH!
Beth at Gathering Dust found this.
And I'm getting it from her!
Check out her blog for super finds ...
can we say lace bits and french tape measure ??

As long as we're talking
vintage pink roses ...

How about these?
Painted on the side of a water pitcher ...
in my guest bedroom here at the
Who Villa!

My next post will be the
final chance for the
50th post and
London giveaway.

Gotta go now ...

Nope - not to Barn House
final shindig of the season ...

or to the clock tower
in Mill Creek, WA


Good news?
If everything is okay ..

Tomorrow is
COBURG, baby!!

Hugs and wishing you beauty ... in every day!
Sammy Girl

Rose Brook Cottage
is having a giveaway ...
for a PINK ROSES Plaque!
visit her here to enter!


  1. Hi Betty!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Pretty Pink Roses in your post today!
    Thank you for adding my giveaway in your post.
    Have a beautiful day!
    Mary :)

  2. Nice post - and thanks for introducing Beth and Debbie - already checked them out!

  3. Hi Betty, that was so nice of you to mention my blog. All your roses you posted look beautiful. I'm on my way to Coburg also, hoping to find some GREAT deals!

  4. Love pink roses!!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. You're in the pink now, my friend! Love the roses, as always.

    I've been on and offline through the weekend. Support says one of my routers is gone but I suddenly have a connection again this morning - missing service to a TV but they are coming in the morning. If everything goes out before then I can always read a book - or take a nap!


  6. This are beautiful pink roses !
    love from the Netherlands Rini

  7. What beautiful roses! The dried roses are my favorite!


  8. Hey girl

    thanks for coming by.
    I did make it out to Coburg for a couple of hours this afternoon.

    Saw Martha, and also got to see Molly Mo';s treasures. (Had never made it to her sales)
    Both gals have such wonderful work and so affordable.

    Did not see you out here, but then, there were a lot of people. Hit some garage sales, then headed home.

    Glad your Dad is out of hospital. Hope all is OK.

    Love the roses. What are you doing with the one? laces and tape measures??

    Thanks for tip on contest.

    hugs and blessings

    barbara jean

  9. SOOOOoo love pink roses.
    This is a real beauty as well.