Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vintage Valentines!

It is now
Valentine's Day!

Many of those we love
are not

Isn't this a



I have two daughters ....

and they are AWESOME!

(We also have a new DIL ...

sweetest thing ever!)

Montana Girl
lives in a small town.
Not as small as Gates, Oregon ....
in 1912 ...

but Miss Minnie
didn't need an address
for her mail to be delivered!
This is the face ...
and reminds me of

the ever-stylish
Pink Princess.
(She's in Seattle)

This cute card is from 1910

Can you
that heart being


Do you have a little cupid

making you a card?

I can imagine

Our Son the Genius
making a handmade card
for Rocket Scientist DIL.
(He's sweet like that!)

Having been gone for
a good long while

helping Montana Girl get ready to become


Flamingo Gal ?? ...

Gulf Coast Cutie ?? ..

I want to say how much I miss you all!!

Hugs to all my blog Valentines ... and hope to swing by to see you soon!!

note: caring for kids, cooking, cleaning, new carpet, painting, sorting, new tile, staging, more painting .... YOU know what it's like getting a house ready to sell! We are thankful for the new job for Mr. Montana Girl and adventures that lie around the corner for their sweet family. Here's to great new adventures for ALL of us in 2010 - (and BOY do I look forward to beachcombing for shells in the new locale!!) Hope YOU are dreaming and praying ..... and preparing to HANG ON TIGHT!