Wednesday, March 31, 2010

White Wednesday - Good to be back home!

Oh. My.Gosh!

I am back in Oregon

(1/2 time in Montana
for each of the last
3 months!)

Last night I put some
creamy goodies
on my sideboard.

Bits of this and that ....

Things I own and like.

Look at the detail on this vintage print by Paul de Longpre.

Found this at an estate sale last summer and heart pounded .... 

Love at first sight?

(note:  deLongpre was a
French-born American painter
and horticulturist 1855-1911)

watercolor ....
roses ....
1900's sense of style ... 

What's NOT to love??

Put into a vintage frame and
propped it in front of the mirror.

I love this as a backdrop!

Love the crackle on this ironstone!

A bunch of small oval dishes
(ironstone, of course!)
I use for EVERYTHING ...

stacked under one of my
favorite candles.

Love the look of corks ....

(and see my hiding place for
special notes behind the mirror frame?)

Another ironstone plate
(I love the oval shape best!)

More scented candles
that make the room smell

And a chippy white
ammo box.

Didn't know it was an
ammo box - just love the
chippy white paint.

Isn't it just

A barn sale find ...

It's good to be home.

Hugs and hope you have a wonderful White Wednesday and can surround yourself with things that make you smile!
note:  please click the link on the right to visit others who are celebrating White Wednesday and hope to visit with many of you soon -- I missed ya!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


It's Saturday ....
and time for some French-y


Today is the 4 Friends Sale
and I gotta tell ya,

There are
pink goodies today ....

Like linens, and china,
and vintage clothing ...


and PINK KISSES, too!

For pics of our "almost done"

Check out fellow
Pink Saturday post-er
and sweet friend



Go right now ... I'll wait!

It's even better in person!

All 4 locations open until 4:00 pm

(but remember the first 20 shoppers
get gift bags at Sammy Girl's location)

Historic Deepwood Estate
Carriage House
1116 Mission St. SE
Salem, Oregon

9 AM - 4 PM

Tomorrow will come early,
so I'd better quit yakking!

and hopt to see you!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sneak peek!

Oo La La!

Some goodies in store for you ....
(brought home in checked luggage - and YES - the bag was razor-slit open)

Like the Perles Incassables...

Speak French like a native.

Other fabulous finds
are French-wannabes!

But everything is getting ready for YOU!

Please join me for the

4 Friends Sale

Saturday, March 13th
9 AM - 4 PM

Historic Deepwood Estate
1116 Mission Street
Salem, Oregon

click HERE for map
(let's see if it works!)

Hugs and hope you'll stop by to say Bonjour!

Don't forget! The first 20 shoppers will receive gift bags ... and I'll have treats out!



Just a couple of images
to brighten your day.

Springtime in Paris

Forget the rain and cold ...
this virtual trip to
is beautiful!!

The wildflowers have begun to bloom.

The park is welcoming!

Each morning there is a
bit of fog
as we walk around the city.

All that walking!

Here's a bench ....
Let's stop for a moment

Did you know I got us tickets ....

For a Christian Dior show!

(of course!)

Our time grows short ...

but we promised ourselves a
carriage ride.

Our last night before flying home.

I bought you a little something
when we were at the fleas ...

(Actually a free download
from Stampington ...)

HUGS and have a great day .... I'm off to prepare our own "Paris Flea Market" for Saturday!
note: hope these pictures make up for none last night!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting Ready for the 4 Friends Sale ...

Mmmm ....

Gotta love an old house .... on the National Historic Register and complete with original carriage house! And I LOVE the Carriage House at Historic Deepwood Estate. That's where my part of the 4 Friends Sale will be.

It's just yummy with big barn-size doors (on the front AND the back!)
They slid open wide to let carriages and cars drive in.
Big wide boards on the floor and the walls!

Such a nice setting for so many things ...
and a "Paris Flea Market"!

Today we were busy organizing vintage clothing, and purses; yummy original artwork by Laurie May (Laurie's Charming Designs); hats and gloves; cups and saucers; ironstone; silver (including a set of engraved sterling brushes); crystal; mercury glass; antique children's garments; a couple of quilts; some old sewing notions; bird cages and bird houses; silver fox coats (TWO!) miscellaneous antiques, collectibles and goodies too many to mention.



Well ... I forgot to take any pictures! But I promised to post everyday!
Pictures tomorrow, honest!

How can I make it up to you?

The gardens at Historic Deepwood Estate are in fine fettle.
(What does that REALLY mean? And can something be in poor fettle?)
As you walk from the parking lot (12th and Lee Streets) you can soak up the beauty!

BONUS #1: The gardens are always open to the public (except during a private event) and great for photos. Based on my strictly non-scientific observations, I believe 85% of all graduating seniors have their pictures taken on the grounds or on the porch at Deepwood. You can too!

As you go on your travels to the 4 Friends, enjoy the beauty of the season and snap a few pictures. (Maybe pose with your "finds" and post the pictures on your blog!)

The house (Deepwood) will be open for guided tours on Saturday,
but I know everyone will be busy having fun attending
all four locations of the 4 Friends Sale. No problem!

BONUS #2: All shoppers will receive a two-for-one coupon for admission and guided tour so you can return and see the inside of this 1894 Queen Anne style home.

Who doesn't appreciate good manners?
My mom taught me to always say "thank you"
and I want to thank shoppers for coming out to Sammy Girl's first "official" sale.

BONUS #3: Thank you gift bags to the first 20 shoppers on Saturday.

Well ... I'd better get to my to-do list and start putting those thank-you bags together!

Hugs! and have a happy, healthy day!
Sammy Girl

4 Friends Sale at 4 locations! Historic Deepwood Estate, Silverton, Sublimity and Salem, Oregon 9 - 4 THIS SATURDAY!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


What is better than having
with a friend?

Having fun with

Miss Maggie Rose

got all dressed up
for a photo shoot with her friends.

Don't they look
WELL ....

They are having a
this Saturday.
A Progressive Party.
You KNOW ....
Stop at one place for treats
then on to the next!

(that means YOU!!)
is invited.

Maggie Rose has been helping out
getting everything ready
(since she has no hands,
we are WAAAY behind!!)
She wants to wander in the garden
at Historic Deepwood Estate.
That's where OUR part of the
festivities will be!
Well ....
not in the GARDEN ....

We have managed to put out a few pretties
But many, many, MANY more things to put out ...

So mark
on your calendar

(because it wouldn't be the same
without YOU!)


Time to Celebrate!

So many reasons to celebrate!

First -- I am back home, even if only temporarily. Good to see Mr. Sammy Girl and my friends.

Second -- Had a wonderful time in Montana (especially with the small fry who are happy and healthy). The work of getting a home ready to sell was worth it with seeing these smiling faces everyday!

Third -- Saw a pic of my work in Flea Market Style.


Bought a copy of the mag and eager to see the article on the Barn Boys. (Gee, their first sale seems like yesterday ... and forever ago at the same time!) Was starting to go through page by page ...and opened up to page 12 and saw my very own

I made it for Cindy's barn "occasionaly sale".
is such a sweetie and lets me help her
when our schedules work out.
With all my busy-ness I haven't been to
ANY of her 2010 sales.
Be sure to check out her schedule for upcoming dates.

Fourth -- THIS SATURDAY IS THE 4 Friends Sale!!

Joy (Auntie Joy), Diane (Molly Mo) and Martha (Vintage Trifles) are pros (gosh, I first typed "prose" and that would be wrong, 'cause what these gals do is pure poetry!!

They are all so much fun and shopping at their events is a blast.

As the fourth friend I am in a "I can't believe I am doing this" .... but as good/crazy friends, they are right there encouraging me .... kinda holding hands and jump off the cliff together!

I have so many goodies (edible and non-edible!) in store .... but no time to talk about it now. Getting down to Salem (Historic Deepwood Estate) to set up!

Hugs to you all and hope you have a WONDERFUL and EXCITING week with lots to CELEBRATE!
Sammy Girl

ps ... for some reason the version of blogger that opened this morning for composing this post didn't have the icon to link to web pages. (What's with THAT??!!) (And now it's there, but very difficult wrangling pictures, so only two!!) No time to trouble shoot this morning, but will deal with later tonight and I PROMISE to post info, directions, pictures and MUCH MORE .... EVERY DAY this week!! HONEST!! Lotsa Hugs and have missed you all ... A LOT!