Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time to Celebrate!

So many reasons to celebrate!

First -- I am back home, even if only temporarily. Good to see Mr. Sammy Girl and my friends.

Second -- Had a wonderful time in Montana (especially with the small fry who are happy and healthy). The work of getting a home ready to sell was worth it with seeing these smiling faces everyday!

Third -- Saw a pic of my work in Flea Market Style.


Bought a copy of the mag and eager to see the article on the Barn Boys. (Gee, their first sale seems like yesterday ... and forever ago at the same time!) Was starting to go through page by page ...and opened up to page 12 and saw my very own

I made it for Cindy's barn "occasionaly sale".
is such a sweetie and lets me help her
when our schedules work out.
With all my busy-ness I haven't been to
ANY of her 2010 sales.
Be sure to check out her schedule for upcoming dates.

Fourth -- THIS SATURDAY IS THE 4 Friends Sale!!

Joy (Auntie Joy), Diane (Molly Mo) and Martha (Vintage Trifles) are pros (gosh, I first typed "prose" and that would be wrong, 'cause what these gals do is pure poetry!!

They are all so much fun and shopping at their events is a blast.

As the fourth friend I am in a "I can't believe I am doing this" .... but as good/crazy friends, they are right there encouraging me .... kinda holding hands and jump off the cliff together!

I have so many goodies (edible and non-edible!) in store .... but no time to talk about it now. Getting down to Salem (Historic Deepwood Estate) to set up!

Hugs to you all and hope you have a WONDERFUL and EXCITING week with lots to CELEBRATE!
Sammy Girl

ps ... for some reason the version of blogger that opened this morning for composing this post didn't have the icon to link to web pages. (What's with THAT??!!) (And now it's there, but very difficult wrangling pictures, so only two!!) No time to trouble shoot this morning, but will deal with later tonight and I PROMISE to post info, directions, pictures and MUCH MORE .... EVERY DAY this week!! HONEST!! Lotsa Hugs and have missed you all ... A LOT!


  1. Happy to see you back! Congratulations on getting in Flea Market Style.
    Good luck this Saturday at the 4 friends sale!

  2. Betty I am so excited to see your post today. I hope you had a good time and I'm happy to see you made it home safely. Did you travel through northern Idaho or down closer to me?
    I can't wait to see the new RC!

  3. I hope to see you on Saturday. Missed you. Glad you had some time with those grand babies. Hugs Florence