Saturday, September 19, 2009

ToDAy Is ....

Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Never heard of it?
Must not be from Oregon ...

I'm just saying
we have a sense of humor around here


this movie was filmed in Oregon.

'Nuff said.

Now, avast ye landlubber
and go plunder some treasure!

Hugs and have a super day .... ARRG!
Sammy Girl


  1. LOL. I just heard about it being Pirate Day today on Facebook. Argh matey! And Goonies is now my kids favorite movie.

  2. Thank you! Thank you! I love my new coins and I told my husband what you said about drilling a hole and he said oh sure I can. So that will be done for me. It was so nice to see you today. My daughter and her family that lives here went to the Pirate Festival in Portland, she sent some photos via the e-mail, it looked like she must of had a great time.

  3. So very nice to meet another blogger from Oregon! I love Redmond and try to get to the antique 'barn' as often as possible. A few of my good friends work in Redmond.

  4. Hi Betty, can you email me. I will have a photo for you tomorrow. I've gotten 25 "quilt" blocks painted up so far and I wanted to send you a photo and see if it was what you had in mind...or if you still want me to do them. Laurie

  5. Hey girl!
    Where ya' been hidin??

    Where is the barn sale this weekend??

    saw it on Annie.... blog, but it did not say where.

    hugs and smiles

    barbara jean