Friday, September 25, 2009

Pink Saturday - Pink Carnation - lol!

This isn't about
a pink carnation
a white sport coat.

Time out for a flashback moment ...
Old timers you'll remember the song ...
there's youtube!

And yes, I remember the performer,
but NOT old enough for this performance, lol!

It's about being

In love with a 
pink truck.
he's not available.

I met this cutie from

While not bubble gum pink ...
he's definitely channeling the pink vibe!
And in this pic he's visiting a retirement center.


The volunteer spirit touches my heart.

But it would clearly be
strictly a rebound relationship.

Maybe I should give up on the
farm boy and go with
something with a little more
classic rock and roll ...

You know ...
Jerry Lee and the boss ...

"I love you for your pink Cadillac"

Mmmm ...

Maybe this hot little number ...

from Apples of Gold

Well --

How about
construction workers?

(insert your own joke about
construction workers being studs ...)
That's a 
pink cement mixer!

Something about a pink cement mixer ...
shows his confidence!

Still not right.

Soft spot for those
military types?

Always ready to serve the cause.
The Hummer -- Maybe!

Perhaps a good ol' boy.
like a Ford Ranger ...

But if we're
to a pick-up ....

Maybe a little of this ...

(ok, maybe a lot!)

to turn 

into my love.

Anyone up for a project?

Give me a call ...


1-800 pinkcar .... lol!

Oh, and the
title of the post?

If we ALL drove these rigs ...

wait for it ...

We'd be living in a

no groans, please ... 

Pink Car Nation!

Hugs and have a pinkalicious Saturday!
Sammy Girl
phone number is a phoney - please don't call it ...
construction truck images from Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event - here
phone image from somewhere on Isabel's blog Maison Douce - here (she is so nice and has the BEST stuff!)
For some really neat guys ... go visit the Pink Ribbon Tour - here
More Pink Saturday - click here


  1. Hi what a lovely pink Saturday post, I love the cars and trucks they are so wonderful to look at. Stop on over and visit me sometime. Have a great rest of your Pink Saturday.


  2. WElcome and happy pink Sturday. What a lovely pink post. I love the Hummer.
    Have a nice day
    Riet, The Netherlands

  3. Welcome to pink saturday. Love your pink posting and what a great idea to share with us.

  4. Hi Betty
    I LOVE the PINK HUMMER... I will take that one please.
    Love Your Blog and all your Pinks today...but I LOVE Audrey, she's my hero.
    Happy PS Sammy Girl
    Love Claudie

  5. Welcome to Pink Saturday! What a great pink post. Who doesn't love a pink car?

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Betty.

    Ah, there are so many from which to choose. But, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. Try every single one.

    I set myself as one of your followers, and I hope you will follow my blog, too.

  7. Love all the pink vehicles, but the pink cement mixer may be my favorite! Welcome to Pink Saturday!

  8. Great post! For me the pink phone is the best.

  9. Cool CarNaTion PinkPost! A very entertaining and fun first Pink Saturday...congratulations and welcome! Sue

  10. Love the trucks and cars! Love the phone too. Happy Pink Saturday.


  11. Welcome to pink saturday.
    Love your pink .

  12. Welcome to Pink Saturday. Love your Pink Car Nation photos. This is a fantastic post! Thanks for sharing. I left two different posts today. One on my blog hyacinthforthesoul and the other as a guest blogger this month on the quimperclubinternational. Both can be found on Hope you can stop in for a visit. ~ Sarah

  13. OK, I think any guy that drives or owns a pink auto of any kind just has to be a hunk!!! So sure of who he is and not afraid, I am in love with the old trucks, way cool, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  14. Such a fun post!! That would be such a blast to have an old pink truck! Just think of all the pink junk I could haul away at Garage Sales in that thing!


  15. You are too silly...PINK Car Nation....
    What fun though! I personally want a pink mini cooper. That is my fantasy!

    Welcome to PINK Saturday!
    Erin :)

  16. I love pink cars. My step kid really wants a pink VW bug!

  17. Happy Pink Saturday!

    What a fun post!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  18. Love your pink trucks! So cute! I would so drive that first one! The pink phone too is sweet!

    What a great had me laughing and scrolling for more!

  20. Good Morning Betty! Welcome to Pink Saturday! You started things off with a really cute post here!! I have to say though, all the trucks and Bruce Springsteen aside, I LOVE that pink telephone!! (0; Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you have a wonderful weekend! ~tina

  21. wow! Love the truck and convertible..beautiful blog too!
    Thank you HPS!

  22. Welcome to Pink Saturday. Did you get here is a set of pink wheels! Great car pictures. I don't know if I would actually have the nerve to drive a pink rig, except one of those old pink trucks. Those are pretty cool. Happy Pink and welcome to the madness!

  23. Hi Betty..and welcome to Pink Saturday. I loved all your pinks..they sure brought smiles to me.
    Happy Pinks..and have a most lovely weekend.

  24. Love the uTube video. Happy Pink Saturday!

  25. What a wonderful post for Pink Saturday. I enjoyed everyone of the frames you selected to share with us today. I hope you are having a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  26. What a fabulous post! It was nice to see you today. Glad I got that wooden box! Laurie

  27. I can't think of anything more fun than driving and being the owner of a Pink truck. Happy Pink Saturday !!!

  28. Betty, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments!

    Your post is so creative and fun! I love, love, love that pink truck! How pretty is that? I'd have a blast driving that around town!

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday!


  29. Love your PINKS! Very clever! Thanks for visiting me! I went to for the font to work in my blog and then I did have to also down load it on my fonts on the computer. My computer is 7yrs old now so if you have any newer version you will not need to down load it to your fonts folder also. OH It's called Papyrus and I found it for free to download by googling it. But go to scrappin blogs first it may be all you need! Good luck! OH It will work even if you cannot see it on your computer others can.

  30. Welcome to pink saturday.... Love your pink posting...Great pink cement truck...I am having a give a-way do hope you can stop by...

  31. This post is WAY CUTE! I love the old pink truck that is not available. LOVE love love it!

    Did you find the pink rose bucket at Michaels that you wanted? I doubt they still have them as they were on clearance for 70% off when I picked some up over a month ago now, but I hope you found one!

  32. Hi Betty,
    Thank you for visiting me.....You asked where I got the background for my blog....Debbi of All In My Cottage does my blogs. She is changing mine on Thursday or thereabouts. Go to my side bar and scroll down a bit....her link is just under the pink Breast Cancer Site Button. (Hope you will take a second to click on it so someone will get a free mamogram) Debbi is a jewel to work with. She is known as Marionberry for her beautiful pillows, sachets, etc. Tell herJil sent you.
    Loved this post!!!

  33. I think I'll take the pink sports car. How fun! I wanted to let you know I've given you an award. Go to my blog and check it out.

    Enjoy your day!


  34. Great pinks girl.

    My fave is the phone, fake number and all. =0))

    hope all is well.


    barbara jean

    PS You should see what i am making lamps into these days. Not quite done yet but think you will like it. (not to worry, yours are still hanging out in garage.) =0)

  35. Hi Girlfriend, thank you for the hugs, I could feel them all the way in Camas. Hope to see you very soon!!!
    Julie, Kindred Roses

  36. I loved that post and I really like that pink truck wine, I bought it for the label more than anything. Have a great weekend. Florence

  37. I love your Pinks! Happy Pink Saturday Please stop by sometime I love visitors! Have a wonderful weekend.