Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wish These Wheels Were Mine!


Several at Barn House this last Saturday were wondering
who did the "mystery" truck belong to,
including Sylvi of Little Cottage.

Her blog gave us the 411 on these wonderful wheels:
"This wonderful pink truck is owned by Deanna of 'Somewhere in Time'. She has her own shop in Yakima and came to check out the flea markets today. Such a cute truck!!"
Yakima -- (or maybe Union Gap?)  I wonder if she knows the Flutterby Girls?
And speaking of great pink wheels, here is another beauty, courtesy of Apples of Gold from her post in June.

If they were mine, I wouldn't trade in on the cash for clunkers program ... 
no matter what the mileage!

My wheels don't look anything like that.
And it's probably a good thing.
Yes ... driving a little white car has it's benefits.


No one notices you coming or going.
Especially if you are a tad bit speedier than you REALLY should be.

But the little Focus was a great ride last Saturday as we put a few miles on Sammy Girl's little car.  Do you KNOW how MUCH I can fit into my hatchback!!  

Better than a rodeo clown car!

My sister came up and spent the night Friday.  Saturday we went to Barn House.
It was good to see folks again ....  
and some for the first time.  
Everyone was incredibly nice and made sis feel like family.

Well, she IS family .... 
but they made her feel like she was a part of the flea-market-crafty-crazy-fun-people family.

Thanks for being such a swell group!

First there was Joy (aka Auntie Joy)  She had some goodies just waiting for me.

This little beauty was calling my name but I had to leave it for someone else.

All together we went through everyone's space twice.  
Chatting and shopping.

But NOT taking pictures.

We then headed to the Camas Antique Mall 

and the Pendleton Outlet store in Washougal.  

We did our bit to help the economy recover.

Hugs to you and yours and hope you have fun this week!


  1. Hi there,
    Thank you so, so much for the info on the pink truck. Now I wonder, does the owner have a blog???? Did she really know how much fuss that truck made;- it was photographed from every angle, I bet!
    It was great seeing you at the Barn House Flea & please do come back :o)
    Great that you are keeping the economy rolling, because I didn't get to shop at all..... Way, to busy, but tons of fun!
    C U,

  2. I was thinking I should get a cute pink truck, but first I guess I should invest in some sunglasses...
    It was fun seeing you and your sister, hope to see great projects using door knobs!!

  3. oh that it

  4. Good morning, my friend -
    So you and your sis had a good time, did you? It sure sounds like it. I need to go to BH next time - haven't been there yet. If only they would call and check their plans with my schedule! Love the pink truck and car but love my own inconspicuous car, too. I'd love to see what you got into your teeny, tiny car. Tell all - please!!

  5. Love that pink truck!

    I have a thing for vintage trucks. My dad used to own an old International and from the research I've been doing I think it was a '49 model. It sat in our field for the longest time, not running. One of those things that I have no idea about what happened to it.

    Funny you should post pink vehicles as I fell in love with a vintage car at a local Cruise-In. It's name...The Pink Lady. Found out that hubby's paternal grandmother had one once-upon-a-time....

  6. Hey Bettty,
    Lisa from Uncovered Ruby...I was mistaken about the pink truck's origin, Deanna isn't from Yakima, she's from Oakridge, OR. Very neat gal, I chatted with her but neglected to file where she was from correctly in my brain, thank goodness she gave me her card! She's working on a blog of her own right now, not up and running yet, but soon!
    We'll be having our next progressive evening in September as part of our 2 year anniversary of the shop. Date's not set yet, but I'll post it as soon as it is! Thanks for your support of the shop, it's huge to us :-)! Bless you!