Friday, July 10, 2009

Christmas Explosion

This is my first time to join Barb on 
Get R Done Friday. 

Yes, I know.
It's technically still Friday morning 
(for a few more minutes) ... 
and you are SUPPOSED 
to prepare the blog the night before.

My project is NOT COMPLETELY DONE ... yet!
A gal's got to start somewhere sometime .... so here we are.

Or .... 
How Plans for Organizing
Can Run Amuck

It started in April ... when I took all the tubs and boxes and miscellaneous storage for Christmas decorations out. 
Rubbermaid tubs ... one after another.
Feather trees.
Groves of artificial trees. (Some older than the Pink Princess!)
All of it.

Well, ALMOST all of it. 
My most special vintage glass garlands and ornaments are not considered "Christmas decorations" for this purpose. They are beloved just as they are and live in special spots or out in jars all the time.

Then May came and there they sat.
And I SWEAR they multiplied!
Honestly, who KNEW I had that many sleighs?

Where June went I have no idea.

So July is here and I have now transformed the sorting room into a guest room.
Sorting innumerable "things" by color/type or 
whatever category made sense.
At midnight some of those groupings can be pretty sketchy!  
But everything is on labels or index cards to make 
locating items a breeze.
(Update on how that works in December!!)

And then 
hauling the whole kit and caboodle down two flights of stairs.  
(where DOES that phrase come from)
Box by box.  Bin by Bin.
Snowmen, Dept. 56 and fake forest.
Gold, Red, Lime Green
Every phase of my Christmas decor.

At some point I considered buying the Christmas store for sale in Oregon City just to have a place to put it all.  

But it was worth it.

I now have the guest room I wanted.
Even though the decor is not complete, and I really hope to add a second twin bed so both grandkiddos can sleep sweetly .... 
it's done enough to celebrate.

The King of Whoville seems to agree that this was a good project.

Hugs and hope your explosions are all good ones!


  1. Whew! I got tired just reading your post! Kudos to you for getting it done--your guest room looks so peaceful and relaxing. Good job!

  2. A very unique post and quite humorous! Gave me a good chuckle, as it looks like my sewing room!!! Thanks for joining in this Friday - hope you will continue with us to GET R DONE FRIDAY next week as well!

  3. That was great!!! Such a cute style of writing.And sooo much accomplished.
    And.... you completed your 'commitment' to post on Get R Done Friday!!!

    So you completed two tasks.

    Ok my dear, what are you tackling for next week??
    blessings and smiles,
    Barbara Jean

  4. Ok, I don't know what happened to my comment but it didn't post. So when I got your comment to stop by and see your poody cat. I had to come back and double check the comments. Anyway, I don't know what happened to it. So I'll try again.

    I'm glad to see there is another person out there like me. Someone who takes an item out and doesn't return it till, who knows when.

    Glad you got your room back in order! That always feels so good.

  5. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about you lugging all those bins and boxes down the stairs. Knowing those stairs well I can only imagine the aerobic exercise you accomplished at the same time. Is this guest room the room that belonged to The Pink Princess or the other cute little room nearby?

  6. I feel your pain!!!!! Love Tiina....

  7. Congratulations on a job well done! You have inspired me to work on an organizing project that needs to be finished! It's late tonight though and I hope I still feel inspired again tomorrow!

    Great job!


  8. You got a lot done!

    You had asked me what time we were at the fair....It was around 2:00 or so. The gal selling the pictures told me she had sold a lot of them during the earlier hours. I would have liked to have seen all that she had!

  9. Hey girl
    Are you getting another Get R Done Friday ready??

    I have not been able to do all I would like because of my back/hip ( my sciatic nerve is being pinched). =0(
    I will try to get a little craft done tomorrow while at the store. It's usually slow enough i can do that.
    Need to put a cot in the back room so i can lay down once in awhile. that's the only position does not hurt.

    Well, did not mean to complain, grateful i can walk around and screaming in pain!! =0))

    Hope you are getting something done. Now i need to go check out this "Paul!!"

    Barbara Jean

    PS Made a note to retake pics of old lamps when i go tomorrow. Accidentally deleted part of first pics.