Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy French-y 4th!

WHAT!!  The French?  
Why - oh - why Sammy Girl are you talking about French things?

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Well, it's NOT that everyone has a penchant for all things French (which they do) 
NOR that I have acquired an interest in some very French-y things (although I have) --
but the fact that the SUCCESS of our Revolution was VERY DEPENDENT upon the French.  (Now I don't want to sound like I was THERE .... so I am relying on history buffs and scholars.)

Want to know more specifics?  

The French were key in maintaining our new image as a nation and garnering support in Europe (diplomacy) .... providing important military support in critical times (French Admiral de Grasse and his fleet and a French army under the French Comte de Rochambeau are credited with Corwall's surrender)  and one of MY favorite French connections ... the Marquis de LaFayette .... he was so awesome everyone just used his title ... that wasn't even his name!

Who was he?  A young stud .... er, gun from France who helped to popularize the war - shared his training and expertise to help the US military and diplomatic icons like Franklin - and was the first person to be given honorary American citizenship.  
All in all, he was treated like a rock star, especially when he toured the US near the 50th anniversary of Independence ... (kinda, sorta, like a rock star, if you know what I mean ... given land in Florida and money and LOTS of public accolades).  

Of course, maybe all that was because he had been so YOUNG during the war he was the only HERO and friend of Gen'l WASHINGTON still alive!  

Here's a very good one page essay on the American Revolution ... a more comprehensive and global look back than most of us had in school.

Ok!  Enough of the history!  
Here are a couple of French-y downloads for you to celebrate the 4th of July. 

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Some of my MOST FAVORITE French-y things I have saved for another time, but I'll leave you with a final fun thought.  The Revolution (aka Revolutionary War which followed the whole Declaration of Independence thing) became the game plan for REVOLUTIONS AROUND THE WORLD!

Yes, we in the USA are TRENDSETTERS. 
I think that's also another word for rule-breakers .... which is what my ENTIRE family considers me to be. So, join me in celebrating the 4th of July .........

and eat dessert FIRST! 

Off to the parade and fireworks in Stayton, but first a street faire in Silverton and family get-together at my mom's ...

Hugs and wishes for a happy and safe holiday!


  1. I hope you had a wonderful 4th, full of lots of food, family and fireworks!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi B,
    Thanks for the note, and heads up about upcoming events. =0)
    I can't wait to see what your 'Get R Done Friday' will be! I'm still deciding on mine. =)

    Great French pics and info very interesting.
    off to read more.
    Blessings fro the loan shark! =)
    Barbara Jean

  3. Hi Betty, cant wait to see you!!!
    Julie, Kindred Roses

  4. Awe, my friend, I'm trying to catch up with 241 blog entries that happened while I was away! Yours was at the top of the list. You hit on a subject near and dear to my heart. Do you know why? LaFayette's wife's name was Adrienne - a wonderfully French name that I so proudly share with her! And did you know that LaFayette's aide-de-camp was named David Stambach, from Alsace-Lorraine? He was the original of my sweetheart's family to come to America. They later changed the h to k on their last name and viola! - many years later I met and fell in love with his namesake. Except my dear mother-in-law didn't know about Monsieur Aide-de-Camp at the time. Little bit of patriotic trivia for you today, my dear.

    Hope to see you soon and get together for some fun!

  5. Thanks for the tip to read Adrienne's comment! I enjoyed her bit of trivia!! Wow!


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