Friday, July 24, 2009

Live the Life You Want

Yes, it's Friday.
And, yes -- this SHOULD be a "Get R Done" Post.
It isn't.

Sometimes it's best to wipe the to-do list clean.
Forget the clothes needing to be ironed .... or just folded.
Unloading the dishwasher will wait ...

Don't fret.
Yes -- 
THAT'S the hardest thing.

Figure out what matters and
live the life you want to be living.

We live in Portland --
a city blessed with natural beauty.

Well, sorta.  
Technically Who Villa is actually in a burb ...
but close enough.

Anyway -- this is a beautiful place to live.

Nearby mountains to climb.

Or just admire on your way to the grocery store.

Mt. Hood is there.
I remind myself to lift my eyes and see the beauty
that seems too big to miss
but I often overlook.

Nearby we have
beaches to explore.
LOVE the beach.  
Grew up on southern Oregon Coast.

We are taking a 5 day holiday in a couple of weeks with the 
Pink Princess and 
the Montana crew.

Playing in the surf.
Watching the sunset.
Sharing these things I love with
kids and grandkids.

I am trying to live the life I want --

Every Day

visit and dinner with mom and dad
talk about house remodel
he was a Marine in Korea
who is an above the knee amputee 
who will soon need to use a scooter
all the time.

Real reason for visit?
Tell them we love them.

Face to face.

took Mr. Sammy Girl to sandwich dinner at

Paradise Cafe at Bridgeport, that is!

Coupon for free sandwich.
So it REALLY WAS Paradise.
(Don't they have free food in Paradise?)

He bought book at Borders.
We wandered into Anthropologie
and into a couple of shops
sat outside and listened to the live music
spent a couple of hours
just hanging out.

Real reason?
Spending time together enjoying the evening.
Mostly for free.

If we don't enjoy the "better", 
how can we survive the "worse"?

Helping Cindy (Tarte) set up at the Barn.
Real reason?
Time with wonderful and creative people.
I think Joy and Joe with be there.
So much FUN!
Fun is vital to our well being.

I give myself permission to play.

Class with the incredible Lisa Kaus.
Real reason?
Nurture creativity.
In me
I can hardly wait!
This minute?

I'm making waffles.
with strawberries

Wish you were here to have some, too!

Here's to a life filled with love, companionship, friends, creativity, inspiration, ... and FUN!



  1. AHHH....Wipe it clean (panics just thinking about it! lol)?

    Where are you taking a class with Lisa Kaus?

    What a great picture of your parents. :-)

    We ate at the Pardise Cafe once. It was pretty good, but our usual haunt at Bridgeport is Pastini Pastaria (though they tend to overdo the olive oil ~ even for an Italian ;)). I rarely roam around the mall, but do occasionally go into Borders, and I love to browse Crate and Barrel.

    You've had a good time!

  2. Betty,
    You did a 'Get R Done' by choosing to take some time for you, and you did, so you 'Got R d
    Done' just fine.

    It is a good reminder for us to take time for ourselves too.
    The list will always be there.
    Would love to see you if/when you are in town.
    Did you see the pics of the lamps??

    Blessings and have a great weekend.

    Barbara jean

  3. Hi Betty

    What a great post. Thanks for your lovely words of encouragement!


  4. PS

    Forgot to tell you regarding my 'discipline' of doing my blogs- I am not really disciplined, I am addicted, and the rest of my house would show you just how much!!

    So, I'm trying not to kick myself around for neglecting other things, and just enjoy doing the things I love to do, blogging, crafting, people, the store.
    Barbara Jean

  5. Oh, you are living the life, girlfriend! My sweetheart and I need to share in the fun. We've had a bit over the past weeks and, you're right - it's what keeps you going through the tough ones. Don't have too much fun - without me! ~Adrienne~

  6. Love, love, love this post! Thanks for the words of wisdom and for stopping by. Stay cool!

  7. Love your thoughts on a clean slate and just to relax....great pictures!