Friday, July 3, 2009

Plant Rescue Society??

One of the blogs I read - One Gal's Trash just posted a morale dilemna. It struck a nerve and raised a big question.

Her problem ... abandoned house with plants dying. What to do. Save them and perhaps commit criminal trespass or let them die.

This happens all the time.

Now put it on steroids ... imagine a landscaping business --- building AND plants and hardscape --- being BULLDOZED over for a new big office complex and parking here in the burbs.  

And a trailer park after the tenants were kicked out and the trailers gone ... ALL those LOVELY rhodies and roses and friends. ALL bulldozed to make room for a medical building. Honestly ... what is a GAL to do? Is there a Plant Rescue Society ??

It is hard to sit by and watch the needless slaughter of innocent plants.

WAY BACK in the day (grade school) our small town garden club carefully dug up ALL the plants around the fire station before the remodel. Our scout troop was partnered with them, so I got my very own first dahlias. Won awards at the flower show .....

Obviously not my dahlias ... but they were dark purple poms ... exquisite!

Does anyone know of groups that salvage plants ... could donate for habitat homes ... sell to raise money for non-profits or use for civic beautification ...

Sorry to vent, but the world needs MORE not LESS beauty.

Hugs! (and a plea to hug a plant ... kinda sorta ... you know what I mean!)


  1. There are actually (or at least used to be) a couple of rescue societies here in Oregon. Offhand I don't remember the names of them, but could try and find out.

  2. I know what you mean!!! I hate to see this happen too, but, in the world today, plants and animals (and sometimes people) are dispensable. Very sad....A plant rescue society would be a wonderful thing to start!!! Maybe we could even get government funding???