Saturday, June 27, 2009


Why turquoise ... and why now?

Why the questions of "is this too green or not enough blue" and
"will she like it"?

And, yes, the shovels ARE too green ... 

Well ..... it all started with a little loveseat and ottoman from IKEA.

(not the chaise, just a right hand loveseat and ottoman)

Small enough for a studio.  Combined they are large enough for a guest to sleep on -- 
and it is entirely just right for an 
that is my youngest.
Yes - the Pink Princess has added turquoise to the mix  of black, white and hot pink in her Seattle studio apartment.

The studio apartment with LOTS of windows (a corner unit) and HARDWOOD FLOORS!

She knows what she wants and when she should settle or hold on tight.  (And isn't that something we all should know about ourselves and our situations?)

And why not turquoise?  
Turquoise is apparently the HOT color de jour.


whether just the name Turquoise (her design name)

.... or what they do.

Trying to know more about turquoise, I found some history ...
The word turquoise is very old and likely is derived from the French Pierre turquoise, meaning Turkish stone. This is thought to have arisen from a misconception: turquoise does not occur in Turkey but was traded there, and the gem became associated with the country in the West.

Perhaps even more interesting is that there is a Turquoise Coast in Turkey ....  maybe I need to do a little on-site research!!

Think I'm going to find my white jeans and my turquoise bracelet and be right in fashion for this summer.  Now if I could just get my new credit card delivered and active, maybe we could see about that azure .... er, TURQUOISE water calling me .....



  1. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! Sheila is such a kind soul and I love her blog too. I will have to come back when I can get some rest. Thank you again, Sharon

  2. it was very nice meeting you too betty! cindy told me you were the very best helper imaginable, knowing exactly what to do without her having to say a word :) you must be a creative mind reader. thank you sweetly for your comment today on my was very generous and yes i think i do know what you mean by "heart-filling."

  3. I have been to IKEA recently (this past weekend actually) and never saw that loveseat. It's kind of cool! Though it would not work in my house. lol

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and yes, I'd be happy to share the cake recipe. It will be posted at my blog the next time you pop by.

    I like your blog and will be back.

    Where abouts in Oregon are you? I live near Silverton.

  4. You are so right! Turquoise...the BEST color, fun to say, fun to spell...exotic but friendly. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. Hi Betty

    Thanks for your lovely comment re Dairy House. Exciting, isn't it!

    Loved this post. Since the end of last year I've been drawn to turquoise and bought numerous turquoise items, so I'm delighted it's the colour of the day!!!

    Shall enjoy reading more of your blog now I know you're here.

    Sue x

  6. Ah, good morning, my friend. I have returned from the land of the sun (and a bit of sunburn!) to the south of us. Relaxed. Refreshed. And ready to go again. Leaving tomorrow after my sweetheart gets home from work with boat and trailer. Heading for the lake on the mountain again for an extra long weekend together. My dear mother will accompany Miss Carrie and her sweetie to join us Friday for a day of fishing (for the fellows) and a day of visiting and picnicing together.

    The turquoise is perfect for Miss MB - oops, I mean Pink Princess. Sounds like the apartment is so her! Glad she's getting settled in.

    Can't wait to see you and catch up.

  7. Hi Betty!

    The next JBUGS show will be on October 3rd. We'll have updates on our blog as the date draws near. I love the turquoise post :o).

    Chloe Rose
    Kindred Roses

  8. Thanks for the heads-up on the sale in Silverton. As many years as I've lived out this way I had no idea. I knew they had other 4th of July festivities. I may try to visit since I'm only 20 minutes north!

  9. Hi. Thank you for letting me know about the malware message that you received. If you wouldn't mind, would you please email me at I need to know if the message appeared while you were still on the blog or when you clicked on a particular boutique (after redirecting from the blog to the French Cupboard). That will help me know where to look for the problem and who to report it to. Thank you so much!! You're a blessing... Polly

  10. Thanks for leaving me a comment about the "dangers" of turqoise! It is beguiling to be sure! Love that exclamation mark!