Friday, June 26, 2009

Off to the Barn!

Whew! I am GLAD it's Friday.  

This week has been a little crazy, what with our credit card being compromised and all .... 

  Actually it's a very short story involving one day of rampant weird charges we didn't even know about until a merchant in California called us to ask if we made the purchase and let us know something was up.  According to Mr. Sammy Girl folks at the credit card company were fab.  Living with no active credit card feels VERY strange.  Not sure why or what it means -- maybe just knowing we could head for another part of the world and charge it to a piece of plastic with only a MOMENT'S NOTICE has been an emotional SAFETY NET.   That being said it's time to figure out where we REALLY want to go if we WERE to use that card to escape ....

But for now -- I have the PERFECT PLACE for fun and work.  YEP!  I am going to the TARTE BARN today.  Don't expect any sneak peeks of tomorrow's sale (I always forget my camera and also feel that letting you see the glitz and glam are Cindy's option ....

HOWEVER ... here is a pic that IMMEDIATELY made me think of Cindy ...

 Photo from Atlanta Bartlett .... (check out her yummy pics! -- and her wonderful books, but more on those later ....)

And here's the perfect dress .....

Well - that's enough for now.  Gotta finish up some stuff and then scoot over to OC ... or would that be "oc" as we are not in Cali??

Hugs and have a great day!

Special note:  a blog I just discovered .... decor8 .... give it a look!


  1. Hope to see lots & lots of pics when you get back :)

  2. I would love to wear that black dress with pink waistband for my next birthday...the big 5-0! Yikes!

  3. Love that dress!

    I've bookmarked the Decor8 site. Lots to look at.

    When you visited my blog this morning you mentioned a street sale....I'm oblivious....Where? When? What time? lol