Thursday, June 18, 2009


It is true.  It takes so LITTLE to make me HAPPY.  And have have LOTS of little things to make me happy RIGHT NOW.   No, even though yesterday felt like Friday, today is NOT Saturday.  However, there are SO MANY super things coming my way.  (And I know we should ALWAYS practice the attitude of gratitude!!)


#1 I have a class tomorrow!!  YEA!  Lisa Kaus ... artist extaordinaire ... featured in Where Women Create ... as well as other publications.
  Most importantly, she is an all-around-fun-and-nice-gal.  I am SO looking forward to soaking up the creativity of Lisa and her studio and my classmates ... and having FUN creating my own "masterpiece".  
I took her Gridlocked class before and was hooked!  (See what I made!!)
This fall I will be taking classes with her at Art and Soul.  (Yes, I know, this constitutes more than a LITTLE thing .... but having a class TOMORROW is just what I need - like realizing you are NOT OUT of DIET PEPSI/COKE, but have ONE BOTTLE left in the frig!!)

Here are some glimpses into her fun work that will inspire us for our projects tomorrow.

#2 I have a date to "play at the barn" with Cindy (aka Queen of Tarte) next week.
Yes, this is technically work, as I will be helping her to set up for her next big day, but she is so much fun and so creative, that it is a breath of fresh air to be her assistant/gopher.  (Also, as not being MY project and I am not responsible for being IN CHARGE and worrying about an event of MY OWN ... there is practically no STRESS -- well, other than being home not SOOOO LATE.  And, as you can tell, I LOVE to CHAT it UP!! - ad I need to hear all about FARM CHICKS!! ...  LOL!)  note:  the hyperlink is to their blog, but they also have a website.

#3 My sis and I spent some time working on the new exhibit for Deepwood yesterday.  As there was a special event tea that we didn't want to interrupt, we went out for lunch and a little "road trip" around town.  Sis doesn't get out to the shops as often as she would like .... so I HAD to take her to two.   The GOOD LITTLE THING?  A Victorian table that NEEDED to come home with me!  It is just FAB.  (And yes, I did text a pic to hubby to confirm that I was being logical and not just emo-shopping --- which I actually WAS -- and he LIKED IT, too!)  I'll snap a pic, but she needs to be "prettied up" i.e. have the cobwebs and grime removed before showing up in public!!

#4 I won a giveaway from Dawn at the Feathered Nest ... and it arrived during the last couple of crazy-hectic-what-is-coming-next-weeks and it is WONDERFUL!  

My own little Fairy in a Jar!  And she is a celebrity, having been featured in Somerset Life

#5 I am HOME at my condo in WHOVILLE with the opportunity to put things WHERE I WANT THEM and MOVE FURNITURE AROUND this afternoon.  Sound looney?  Well, it's almost exercise, and much cheaper than THERAPY!!  

What more could a gal ask for?  Not much!  Well, other than some designer clothes and shoes to fit a newly slimmed-down and tanned-up cellulite-free body ....  maybe a new little sports car .... fresh flowers every day ... calorie free full flavor chocolates (See's Candy!) ... and,  well, I guess there's always room for dreaming!

I'd better get busy and move some furniture around for my workout ....... so I'm off to "furniture-ize" ....



  1. Hi Betty,
    thanks for coming by
    Did you find a project for Get R Done Friday??

    I've posted a rather long one this time.

    I'll be watching.

    Barbara jean

  2. Hi There. Adriane said you were going to be at class tomorrow..I'm going to be there too!! Cant wait! See you then! Laurie

  3. I missed you at Lisa's class, I took on Sunday.I cant wait to see what you did. Laurie

  4. so jealous that you are taking a Lisa Kaus class...tried to sign up for one, but they were full by the time I got to it- maybe in the fall? thanks for stopping by my blog...just love yours! am going to miss the Tarte sale (still haven't made one yet) but hope to catch it next month- going to be at the beach this week-end.
    have a great class!

  5. Hummmm, I'm having trouble leaving a message. I am working on some small pieces right now! Come by and visit. Laurie

  6. Hi again Betty.
    Thanks for coming by.

    Good for you for getting the laundry foldled!!
    Very important if one wants clothes to wear! =0)

    And, thanks for the reminder, i have clothes to put in the dryer.

    thanks for blessing me with your visit, and have a great time at the class.
    Looks like fun!!

    Barbara Jean

  7. I enjoyed reading this post! How was the class, can't wait to hear about it.