Monday, July 27, 2009

Truck update ...

This truck is a celebrity.
It undoubtedly needs a fan club
and probably a twitter account.

The latest word is that the owner is apparently from Oakridge, Oregon.

Who cares about a pink cadillac ....
a truck is MUCH BETTER for thrifting and junking!

I feel like a stalker.
Friends are sending me updates.

Kinda like high school all over again.
(Hmmmm not so much -- we didn't have cell phones OR the internet)
OK -- so maybe a passed note saying the object of your affection was just spotted coming out of study hall.

In my defense, even Mr. Sammy Girl thinks the truck is AWESOME.

Isn't lust one of the seven deadly sins?

I confess.

I understand that not everyone cares as much about pink as I do.
And perhaps a truck isn't YOUR dream drive.

How about something in a brilliant blue?



  1. LOL! I'll take one of each, please! Thanks for the hugs you sent by way of my blog. Will be in touch soon. My sweetheart has a new pickup that will carry your green shelves to your house very nicely. When we return from vacation. Hugs, ~Adrienne~

  2. So cute! You should put that pink truck picture on the Pink Saturday parties.