Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Come Out of the Closet

It's Okay
You can come out of the closet now.

Yes - YOU!

I know you like rusty and chippy things.

And not just the one piece you have hiding in the garage.

Did you know?


See the new Pottery Barn catalog?
Right there.
(Page 34 for those of you playing along at home.)

On the coffee table.
Rusty railroad spikes.


That's about as mainstream as you can get.

I have "collected" those bad boys for YEARS.

And now when my mom starts to
 question my design abilities 
I can whip out the catalog and proclaim 
Well, not as thin or as famous as this waif who had us all drawing in lashes under our eyes.

But a trendsetter none-the-less.

So join me and
come out of the closet!
Fly the flag proudly.
Celebrate the tatters and rusty finial.

Viva la revolution! 
Or maybe it was a coup?
Whatever it was -- junk won over the masses.
Or at least the stylists at
Pottery Barn.

Have a junk-eriffic day!


  1. I'm with ya' Betty,
    Lovin' the rusty junkin' stuff!!

    Have some great new finds, well old things but new to me, i will be postin' soon.

    Hope your getting it all done to get ready! =0))

    Barbara Jean

  2. It's funny, this is the second reference to Pottery Barn that I've seen today. lol

    At another blog there were several pictures of pillows made from burlap, kitchen towel fabric, and even cable knit. I kept thinking, this stuff has been "in" for a long time now, and a lot of it has never gone "out", and Pottery Barn is just catching on? Hmmmmm....

    It's like with artwork....As soon as big name card companies (no names here) see what card artists are designing, all of a sudden their cards start to look awfully similar. lol

    Designing with found objects, or found object look alikes is very trendy right now, even if some have been doing it for ages. lol

    I'll have to pop over the Pottery Barn and pick up a catalog.

    I hope you're keeping cool in this heat!

  3. would you say rusty or crusty is best????
    Hope to see you at the flea market Saturday!!!
    Julie, Kindred Roses