Thursday, July 9, 2009

Climbing the Walls!

Some days you just feel like climbing the walls.  But what about your furniture?

"Gosh darn it, if she moves me around ONE MORE TIME .... "

I am SO glad that walls (and chairs) do NOT TALK -- or TALK BACK!

What?  You DON'T talk to your furniture?  
I do.  
You didn't think I was just talkin' to myself, did you?

Have a Fun and Fabulous Friday ....
oops, I'd better get busy if I'm going to finish my "Get 'er Done" project I told Barb I would post about.  And don't believe a word of what the rocker is saying ....



  1. Weird chair!

    Can't wait to see your Get R Done.
    thanks for participating!!

    hugs and blessings,
    Barbara Jean

  2. Hello!!! And, what a surprise picture to find! I've never seen anything like THIS before! If you join the Get R Done, you could give tutorials on how to actually create and upholster such a piece! So funny, but very COOL! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and do hope you will join us!!!

  3. Oh my goodness - how to you sit on that one? Just my luck I'd be the one who got the only seat left in the room and it would be the part going up the wall!

    Wait till you see my sweetheart's 'new-to-him' truck! I'm just thinking about all the things we can get in the back, under the canopy. We need to make plans to deliver your green bookshelves soon and then you can see the new toy!