Friday, July 3, 2009

I Have Found the Answer!

Well, Sammy Girl -- if you have found the answer, what's the QUESTION??

You know -- those nagging questions you have about your house, your style and concerns that you just aren't TRENDY?  You are no longer CONNECTED and the world of decor has MOVED ON WITHOUT YOU ... ??

As much as I like the "white palette" .... 
and appreciate it ...
 and actually LOVE IT 

photo from Wanilla Rose

....  it is NOT what's in my house.  

So I wonder - "Am I out of touch?"  or just "touched" .... you KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

We are so GOOD at doubting ourselves .... over EVERYTHING.

So here's the answer.  You are NOT NUTS.  You just need to LIGHTEN UP!!  And a great way  Have a big laugh and validate your design sense at the same time!!

Here's an example of a "designed room" 

.... now go to Moggit and read their comments on this and other design wonders.

Your HEART will thank you (laughing is good for lowering your blood pressure) and you'll never doubt your instincts again.   (well, until you read the next issue of your favorite design mag ....)

Have a wonderful day and hugs!

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  1. Oh, how very true! I'll have to go over to Moggit and check it out!
    Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!