Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I DON'T mean the summer equivalent of sitting in detention.  Going over something you were SUPPOSED to learn  - and DIDN'T.  
You know that whole X and Y axis thing ... ??  
Well, my idea of summer school is WAY more fun than that!


Now that we are adults (notice I DIDN'T say "MATURE"?)  we can CHOOSE to learn LOTS of THINGS -- WHENEVER we want.  And what better time than summer to try a new activity, practice a new technique, or just plain play around and have fun??  After all, wasn't recess one of the best things about school??


So many FAB bloggers have the best tutorials for your own private summer school.  For some of us that fits with our own private summers, but hey ladies ... when the hormones hit ... the crafty get creating!  And who says you can't do it with a cool beverage?  Although I would recommend staying away from anything stronger than lemonade if you are working with a soldering iron, or power tools that cut or drill ..... Remember, all rules aside for creating, but channel your inner mom for safety purposes, lol!

So, where do you go?  

Dawn has a FABULOUS blog.  
Did you ever notice that she has tutorials for sale?  And right now they are ON SALE.  (Until midnight Tuesday, I think.) Wanna make your own fairy jar?  Dawn has the 411. 

Something a little more, umm, woodsy-funk?  How about this Deer Head from the book Dorm Decor  that I originally saw at Made By Girl.  Kinda awesome in white.  Incredibly unique in your own choice of paper or fabric.

Template and instructions!
(Good thing there are instructions, because I'm sure it would take me a bit to figure out!)
A great site to check out is Whipup.net.    Lots of folks with LOTS of tutorials.  Just pick what you want, like these flowers.  Can you believe they are made with CRUMPLED PAPER??!!

Another great idea for summer?  Lanterns.  For inside or out ... and such a cinch to make!

All you need is a few "ingredients"
 ... be sure to follow the simple instructions ... and voila!  

WhipUp.net also has links to the tutorial for these tea lanterns.

There are simply YEARS of blog links ...
Search for that PROJECT you are wanting to make,
just wander and see what looks like fun!

Don't forget to check out your 
favorite blogs or "merchant sites" for how-to's.

Maya Road has recipe cards for things like this 
crown chipboard book.   

Well, I'm off to get some stuff done .... or maybe I'll take a minute to follow some directions I found at Noteworthy Musings ....


Ahhh, I LOVE summer school .... don't YOU?



  1. Thank you so much sweetie!!!! You are such an angel Betty for spreadin' the word! I so appreciate you ~ hope you're having a wonderful week dear friend, xxoo, Dawn

  2. Thanks for sharing all these great sources for tutorials. As if blog reading weren't tempting enough!

    Thanks also for visiting our blog and leaving the nice comment. Hope your unpacking only reveals tiptop surprises.

    Beth of Salvage Studio

  3. Gosh, now I want another one of those cakes! lol

    I've had a tutorial for similar flowers and still have not managed to make any. *sigh*

    I've got Whipup bookmarked now so I can go 'browse'. Thanks!

    And thanks for the heads-up about Silverton. We went and it was quite fun!