Friday, October 2, 2009

Pink Saturday - I'm Dreaming


I'm dreaming of a 
First ...

it is AFTER October 1st ...
which means

I have family
on all things

singing carols ...
planning decorations ...
(maybe putting a few out, lol!)
anything goes!

So ...
I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas.

Not Elvis' Blue Christmas ...

Or Bing's White Christmas ...

But one that's PINK!

Are YOU thinking pink?

Hmmm ...
                 imagine ...

Guests make their way 
across your porch,
blushing in the glow of pink candlelight ...

to your 
enchanting entry
of coral confection ...
where you greet them in your
little black dress.
(with a few pink touches
of course!)

After sipping your
pretty pink punch

sit down to a sumptous dinner 
served on
perfectly pink plates

under a chandelier strung
with a few of your vintage ornaments.

Pink perhaps?

On the sideboard with all the food
is a petite pink perfection ...

And the tree ...

are these vintage beauties yours?

Before everyone departs
they take just a little
pink present

to remember the wonderful evening.

Are you ready for a pink Christmas
and holiday season?

Check out your ornaments ...

and garland ...

order your tree ...
 from here?

and let the world know!
This sign available thru Bella Lucille

I'm already hooked on pink for Christmas ...

how about YOU?

Hugs and have a pink-a-licious day!
Click for MORE PINK SATURDAY!!  WOO HOO!     Thanks, Beverly, for hosting!

NOTE:  Want to WIN some pink Christmas??
Debi is doing a pink tree for the Funk Junk Sisters special fundraiser the night before their fall show in Puyallup.  GOTTA GO!


  1. Hi Betty, The little white tree metal I think with the pink vintage glass balls... Love Love Love Love it... Do you know where I can get that tree????? If so please let me know... cute cute cute post...Happy Pink Saturday

  2. Well, of course, we can start preps for Christmas! Thank you for the reminder and permission to do so. (yes, I'm definitelynaming you as the source when asked, :-) ) Gorgeous. Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. I always dream of a pink Christmas! Love your post, Happy Pink Saturday!


  4. i'd love to be standing on your porch in the glow of pink candlelight and wearing that hot outfit and receiving all those gifts and enjoying a feast using pretty dinnerware and i'm waiting for my invitation to a pretty pink xmas celebration.whoa!! happy pink saturday!!

  5. Your post is so sweet in pink. I think a pink Christmas would be gorgeous. I find that for myself, I am more the traditional kind of gal. I love the smell of pine, the green and all the reds and greens. Christmas brings out the vintage in me, Happy Pink Saturday to you and have a great week ahead, Char

  6. What an absolutely lovely Pink Saturday blog post! With winter just around the corner in my corner of blog-land I'll be needing all the pink I can get until - well, until about April of next year...sigh.

    Thanks so much for making me smile. I hope your weekend is filled with happiness and sunshine.

  7. I can tell you are ready for Christmas! Lots of pretty pink and I loved your tree!

  8. I would Love to have a Pink Christmas! I would love to have a Pink Christmas tree. Well maybe I could get a little one for my bedroom. My bedroom is Pink and Green and creams and tans. Thank You for sharing some wonderful Christmas Pink and Fun ideas too!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

    Livin' With Peaches

  9. Well, now I am in full Christmas mind set and loving it. Thanksgiving and Christmas being my favorite holidays..I am so ready. Happy Pinks and Merry Pinks... have a great weekend.

  10. Betty, this is the cleverest Pink Saturday post. You are so cute to do this. I absolutely loved this! Thank you. ~ Sarah

  11. WOW! you have a great family if they let you off the hook in OCT! Not one minute before Thanksgiving here. BUT the tree goes up that night!! Enjoy! I keep thinking I'll have a pink christmas, but I may have to collect up a few more items (don't get me started on how much Christmas I ALREADY have) before I can totally go Pink! But this year I am on the hunt!
    Hugs, lisa

  12. I love the pinks you've chosen to share with us today. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  13. Cute post today - never thought of Christmas in pink - does look delightful!

  14. I love it!!! I'm always thinking about Christmas, as you'll see if you pop over and visit!

    I just became a follower so I don't miss a trick!

    Happy belated PS!


  15. Two of my most favorite things...Chirstmas and Pink. I love, love, love them. I can't wait till I can decorate my home for Christmas. Your pink post is so beautiful and inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a wonderful evening.


  16. Love all the pink! You have a great collection of pictures for this post! Thanks also for the comment.
    Take care,

  17. You make me want to do Pink Christmas like I used to do. It was always so much fun and feminine.
    Thanks for telling me about our twin dollbed story. You probably got a better price then I did. I liked it so I pd the man!

  18. Oh the pretties! I was just looking up "pink Christmas" on google and found your blog. Obviously I was dreaming of a pink Christmas also. ;)

  19. me tooooo :) just love pink! great combo with silver ;)

    I haven't visit your blog before, came here when i was lookin' on google for pink xmas things ha ha :D
    I used a few off your images on my blog & made a link to yours. Thought you would like to know that :)