Monday, October 19, 2009

What Color is Halloween?

Black and orange!  Black and orange!
Traditional colors for Halloween,

and no one may do it better than
a fellow lover-of-pink
and fabulous bear artist
and all-around-nice-gal
Miss Aleta
re-linked this so please let me know if problems ...

I have a special spot in my heart for black and orange ....

Please don't tell me 
that this is no longer the mascot logo
for Oregon State ....
I know Benny has updated his look ...

but I prefer "Happy Benny" to
"Slick Benny"

Looks like Happy Benny
had a lot of fun
back in the day!

Anyhow ...

There is a lot you can do with the
traditional orange and black.
 Candy corn door decoration at BHG ... 
can make it with directions here

But is Halloween limited to black and orange?

Here's one of my favorite colors.

Didn't she just ROCK it?
has some of the most incredible photos ...
and recipes ...
Well.  Just get yourself over and see!

And now, 
for all of the color rebels out there ...


I bring you ....

wait for it ...



Nuff Said!

Well, other than today is her giveaway deadline for this:

Hugs and have a super day .... no matter HOW you color your world!
Sammy Girl 


  1. Love the black and orange,I'm pretty much of a "tradition" type person, but I also like thinking outside the box when it comes to decor. Pat's green and white is gorgeous!

  2. Wonderful post!! Thank you for adding the photo and the mention. I truly appreciate it.

  3. Love it all! One of my favorite holidays. Don't think the princess pink would fly in a house full of boys. Thank you for your comments the other day. I won't be attending Friday night at the Funky Junk Sisters but will be there with the bus load of ladies bright and early Saturday morning. Won't be doing the blog badges because we have nametags for the Junk Queens. Hope we see you there! When in Sumner go to Sorci's Italian Cafe for lunch. The Vodka gnocchi is to die for.

  4. Good morning friend.

    thanks for this nice post, and for the heads up on the giveaway. I got over there and signed up just in time!!

    I'm a black and orange person myself, but if i could collect a little bright green, i would through that in too.
    Maybe next year. =0))

    Have a super week.

    barbara jean

  5. I like happy bunny too! The first room is wonderful. I like the mix of Halloween colors, but in a pretty way!

  6. Your Silly Bear link does not work - but cute post and darling pumpkins! Love your decorations!

  7. Hello there!
    Glad you stopped by, how are you? I am trying to catch up on everything since getting back. I am in the process of doing a post on your lovely gift you sent me also.
    The necklace you asked about is one of mine - I have another very similar in the shop. It is made out of chain and is connected with a esctucheon and has a key charm and old button hanging in the front($58). I have some other jewelry up on my new etsy site also. Thanks for your interest!
    Wishing you a great week!

  8. What a lovely decor post. Have a wonderful evening.


  9. Hi Betty! Beautiful decor and some cute ones too! I also love the candy corn flower holder! Ok, when I win the big $$, I'll email you, you drive over here, honk twice and I'll be right out! Off to Pottery Barn we'll go! Yipee!


  10. Love your colors!!
    HUgs, Lisa

  11. What a great post! I have the same rose picture and used the same background fairy roses on my blog. Love the white pumpkins with pink. Many Blessings, Erin

  12. Love the pink.... well actually white pumpkin with pink fru fru.... very cute!
    It works though so well with Breast Cancer being in October I've seen whole towns with painted pumpkins in pink in honor of it.

  13. Bette I loved the white pumpkins with the pink accents they are beautiful. Yes we are Beaver Fans from the late 60's do we support the orange and black all the way. Go Beavers!!!! Hugs to you. It was nice to see you on Saturday. Florence

  14. Love it all, but especially the green. That last two photos look like a mama pumpkin and her kiddies!