Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Treasures! (Part 1)

Despite setbacks of uncooperative camera and computer ... here are some of the TREASURES from recent jaunts to Olympia and Redmond -- and a few other spots the last two weeks. Aren't they GREAT?!!

Can you tell I like old photographs. Like this GREAT pic.
(I also ALWAYS take a wrap to the beach lol!)

and floral frogs, and ironstone,

There are also old law books, men's shirt collars,
silverplated spoons and spreaders ...
rhinestone shoe clips,
a lariat dish and footed cake salver.

Did you see the PONY?
Every girl should have a pony at some time in her life -- and NOW I have MINE!

If you closely study posts from With A Grateful Heart,
the cake salver might look familiar.
It is just like the one (farthest back)
on loan to Deepwood Hisoric Estate.
The "new" one is for my soon-to-be DIL.
The wedding is end of May, so PERFECT TIMING
on finding this treasure JUST FOR HER!

Wonderful treasure story from a week ago.
SPOILER ALERT -- It has a happy ending!
We helped a little with a family-run estate sale.
A few fun things came home with me.
HOWEVER ... two chairs did not.
Someone else whooshed them away in a not-so-nice way.
Hurt feelings. But tried (a little) to keep things in perspective.
How can you mourn something like that? But I did.
The NEXT DAY we saw there was a little sale
not too far from our house.
Summary of that morning?

NEAT gal going to PERU as a Missionary
She had a CHAIR and some old rugs waiting for ME!
AND ...

in a brown paper bag
just for me ...

were these:

Look where they came from!

And even better,

a CHRISTMAS stocking made from an old crazy quilt.
I felt so LOVED. Smiling and happy dancing all day!

HUGS and have a great day!
Sammy Girl

today's work: what length of post is best and how many photos ... do I talk too much?


  1. Good morning, my friend -
    I love the length of your posts - and no, you don't talk too much! You really found some wonderful treasures. And I do recognize a few since I was with you when they were found. Ah, the story of the chairs has a tiny bit better ending since you found some new treasures not long afterwards. What a sweet gift for your soon-to-be DIL. She is a fortunate young lady to have you for a MIL!

  2. What a lovely load of loot - how I wish we had estate sales over here. Thanks for stopping by!
    Lucy x

  3. Love all the treasures and just keep doing what you're doing. I enjoy it so much! Will miss you next week - but have a great time!M.

  4. Well I am finally getting caught up with you and looks like you have been one shopping hopping bunny, I mean girl.
    Love your new treasures.
    Hope you have a great Easter.

  5. I love old photographs too, and use quite a few in my art work.

    Great treasures. Sprouse-Reitz. Haven't heard/seen that name in years. lol

  6. What fun you had....don't we just LOVE, love, LoVe to shop for treasures ?
    Sorry about the chairs...yes that happens to all of us at one time or another.