Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just when you think you know what to do ...

Ah ... here I am. Starting to write a blog. Learning. Sharing.
Having a great day. And then another great day!

And then ...

Technology revolt!

I guess it was just a matter of time.

Camera battery will not hold a charge. Computer will not recognize anything wireless. (Guess how I access our printer and our internet connection!)

Instead of taking and sharing pictures of goodies tonight after we got home, we are having problems. And maybe BIG ones. Apparently common in this laptop.

Our vitural canoe seems out of control and the swift current is making us question our abilities.

Time for me to stop and not get grouchy.

Back to basics. Don't panic. Get some sleep and drink plenty of fluids. Technology bugs or a cold -- my approach is still the same.

Sammy Girl

ps Tonight Mr. Sammy Girl bought us a new digital camera. Maybe tomorrow I will take it out of the box, find another computer to use, and have pics to share


  1. Take care of yourself! Tomorrow is another day - the sun will come out tomorrow!

  2. Hi Betty,
    So nice to hear you like our blog, yes you must come visit the shop!! The progressive evening is a fun night that we plan with 4 other local shops, and each shop offers free food (good food too), dessert at one stop, soup at one stop, hors de vours at another...we give each patron a stamp card which must be stamped at each shop in order to be eligible for the drawing that we do at the end of the night to give away a big prize. Last time we gave away a cabinet with an 8 pane window as the door, this time it's going to be a Garden Arbor Bench (made with old windows). It's just a really fun evening, and everything is free, and all the shops have sales that are good for those specific hours only 5-8p.m. We encourage people to bring canned food donations to help the local food bank too. Community helping community. Hope to see you there!! Lisa :-)