Monday, April 20, 2009


My oh my!

I don't know when it happened.
Or why it happened.
Maybe it was always there -
just ignored, overlooked, and

My friendship with yellow.

I have been seeing yellow EVERYWHERE!
A couple of blogs caused me to think about

And that is ODD because

My friend Adrienne LOVES yellow.

But she's my dear friend, and I accepted that without too much thought.
Oh, my. Did I consider it a character flaw?

Lucy Bloom

She has the cutest things.
She recently posted on yellow.

And (shudder) I LIKED IT!

She got me to thinking.

(Yeah, I know, NOT THAT!!)


Do I like yellow?

Some of the blogs I follow seem to love yellow.

Yellow Rose Arbor has yellow depression glass.

But, what's not to love about depression glass?

And on, and on, and on.

But then I noticed the Yellow FarmHouse.
It seems SHE likes yellow.

But see her new kitchen? RED cabinets!

So even if she likes YELLOW ... she must love RED, too!

But what about ME?!

Not much yellow in my world.

(Well, apart from the daffodils, lol!)

Years ago I gathered together EVERYTHING yellow I owned that could be used for home decor and gave to our oldest for her place at college. I even bought her several sunflower pictures, some artifical flowers, and a few things I thought she would like.

I had no trouble parting with them, because I "didn't like yellow".

It never occured to me that I had yellow items to give her because

I had purchased them.

More than that, I had
found them and saved them.


But what about NOW?

Looking around I noticed that sometimes I still buy little bits of yellow.

Now, honestly, could YOU resist that little elephant?
And he couldn't be all alone, so he NEEDED
the little vases to escort him.

BUT ....

As I did my "color survey"
I discovered that


Yellow with ATTITUDE

Sammy Girl .... WHAT are you talking about??

Well, all around my house there are bits of



Gold curtains and picture frames...

Brass lamp with shades and a tassel that have gold.

(I just LOVE a touch of animal print!!)

Brass candlesticks alongside the chippy white ones.

Vintage gold colored frame (that's my grandpa with the bow in his hair!)

And my FAVS ...

the little gold-tones jewelry caskets that I collect.

Doesn't that sound so much more chi-chi than jewerly box??

And, honestly, I DIDN'T make it up!!

BUT guess what ...

I guess yellow and I have been soul-mates all along.

We just have ATTITUDE.


working on: getting a signature and linking names to sites. THANKS Pattie for the linking help! I'll be over for my Limonda now -- My brain is tired!!


  1. Oh, thanks for sharing some of my yellow depression glass. And you shared some yellow things from my dear friend at Yellow Rose Arbor. I loved the other yellows but I had to realize that I especially liked your yellow pieces. It's a good thing we are such good friends because we live close enough to covet each other's yellows in person. Instead, we just enjoy our enjoyment together! But I am a bit afraid that we will have a problem now when we're out and about together - we may both want the SAME thing at the SAME time! We'll work it out, I'm sure!

  2. I love yellow, and enjoy seeing other's yellow, but I just don't have much of it in my home. Its such a happy color, I don't know why I don't collect it.

  3. Welcome to the Yellow Lovers Society!! You have some pretty things too!

    Thanks for sharing my blog here!


  4. Hi Sammy

    What a lot of yellow! But you've made it look so good. I like to see yellow in spring and my bedroom as a child was yellow, but I wouldn't want to wear it!!

    The Fair at Bridport went OK thanks - plenty of people about - and I popped down to the sea afterwards (only a few minutes away) before the journey home. That rounded off the day nicely!


  5. Betty-
    Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, bring your lamps to the Whimsical Wishes show Saturday and Glen will get them rewired right away. Marci

  6. Oye Galfriend!!

    Give that hair a good flip with attitude, quick chin lift with accompaning wink that says "well of course I can link, I mean who can't". Walk around the corner make hands into fists do the double arm YES gesture while you do a couple of happy dance steps singing I"m Good I'm Good I'm GooooD!!! :)

    So what's next??? a video, slide show??

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico

  7. Hi Betty, no problem linking to me - thanks for the mention. I'm liking yellow more and more, maybe this is the start of a comeback for it! I didn't sew the ribbonwork flowers, they're from a vintage box which is beautifully worked with metallic thread and these flowers, I'll have to show the whole thing sometime.
    best wishes,
    Lucy x

  8. Hi Betty, Just wanted to let you know your little gift from "Pay it Forward" on my blog is in the mail. Enjoy! How did your pay it forward go? It is lots of fun. Sharon

  9. Hi Sammy,
    I love your yellows with atitude!
    Like you, I'm not knowingly a yellow-lover, but I also wrote a yellow post at the beginning of March...I really think it does its 'thing' in spring!

  10. I am not too keen on yellow unless it is a flower, then it's beautiful.

  11. I just found your blog! Fun to read and see your treasures. I do love yellow but it gets a little ignored in the world of white, pink and turquoise these days doesn't it? Martha and I are heading up to the Whimsical sale on Sat, maybe we'll bump into you!

  12. Hi Betty! Pink is my fave too, and then green. I must like yellow, but I've never really thought about it. Until I looked up and the whole inside of my house (except the master) is painted light yellow with white trim! Oh, and the easy chair. Yep, yellow with pink and green flowers. Who knew?


  13. I love your yellow lusciousness!!Where in Oregon are you? Laurie

  14. Your post got me to thinkin. I have nothing yellow. It's a color I like but I don't usually purchase. I always feel like it just won't go with anything. I might have been wrong. Maybe yellow is the new white. Maybe it will go with more than I thought.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. I do remember you from Joy's. That was a fun day. You ladies have so much fun. I keep telling my husband I'm moving so I can invite myself to all your gatherings.