Friday, April 17, 2009

Gardening - Villa Style

Ahh ... the bright sun has me thinking of flowers and gardening.

Digging in the dirt amidst rows of daffodils.

Peek through the barn to the
fields of flowers beyond.

Isn't it magnificent?!

Ah ... I LOVE our flowers when they bloom.

Well -- by OUR flowers, I mean flowers blooming in the Northwest.

ANYWHERE in the northwest.

Like my garden at Deepwood.
I help out at Deepwood - but consider the garden "mine". If you live near Salem, you should, too. The garden is a park and open to the public --- for free!

My own yard?

Kinda a yard.

Gardening at Sammy Girl's Villa is not exactly hard-core.
We live in a condo. In Whoville.

So, we dubbed our abode our

Who Villa.

Front yard -- only the maintenance company can touch (garden gestapo on the prowl).

Back yard? Doesn't exist. Unless you consider the strips of dirt alongside the driveway.

That is our "garden oasis".

Thin strips of plantings.

And pots. Daffodils and grape hyacinths.

A pot with a Japanese Maple that has known no other existance. We have loved it since planting it in the cement pot and placing it on our new deck over 23 years ago. It has moved with us four times. And now it greets me every day as I come and go from the Villa. (It is just beginning to leaf out ... so pictures soon!)

Soon the blue-eyed grass with smile at me.

And the irises.

In mind of the current economy, I am thinking of planting a few veggies. Not a victory garden by any sense, but something to have fun with and help the young couples in the neighborhood see what can be done even in a very small area.

Maybe a pot of zuchinni.

They ALWAYS thrive with just a bit of attention, some sun and a little water.

Hope you are thriving today!

Sammy Girl
note: pics of fields are from our visit to the Skagit Valley (WA) last year. The fields there and in Woodburn (OR) should be in full bloom now, so if you have a chance - go! It's wonderful! Betty :)


  1. Please tell me the name of the flowers in your fifth picture on this post. I use to have them in my flower bed before I moved to another state. Loved them, but can't remember their name so I can get some growing here. Thanks so much.


  2. Hi, Jody -- Fawn lily and grape hyacinth at Deepwood. Erythronium or lamb's tongue are other names for this plant.
    Hope this is the pic in question ...
    Betty :)

  3. Thank you so much for your information here and at my blog. Woo Hoo, I can expand my flower garden now. The Grape Hyacinth are what I had.


  4. Ah, the fields of daffo-down-dillies! And I recognize the edge of your Japanese Maple pot. So loved for so many years! If you get homesick for weeds - come on over. I have plenty to share with you. Hoping to take some away during these next warm, dry days. We're leaving on a train today from Hood River to the mountain. Come on over and see! ~Adrienne~