Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Precious Pink Pictures


No ... not Ms. Pink. Although I think many of her songs ROCK, and invite you for a listen here: But, to quote Pink, let's "Get this Party Started" ... lol!

Pink - the COLOR
Pretty in Pink .... feeling "in the pink" ... the very pink of perfection ...
Pink connotes health and vitality. Youthfulness. Femininity. Young Love.
I like it.
Just because.
Not because it is trendy .... (or is it classic?). I dunno.
I just like it and the exhuberance it brings.
Don't you just LOVE that word, EXHUBERANCE?
It is MEANT to live surrounded by exclamation marks!
Maybe it should hereafter be called P!NK?
(Though I understand that is the name of ANOTHER musician,
so my apologies for any tradmark infringement.)
Here are a few pink moments.

Vintage pink glass garland and balls. For the Christmas baby in me.
More Christmas.
Who can ever have too much?
(The PALE pink Christmas goodies are all napping, but could wake for a future cameo!)

How about some classic mid-century forms?
(They live in a RED Ikea cabinet ... hee hee!
I also love SISTER RED, but her story later.)

And what could be better than a couple of pink rose-kissed teacups?

Unless it's a WHOLE BUNCH of pink-y and flower-y teacups?!!


Maybe just one tiny vintage cup.

With the most delicate pink rosebud
proclaiming itself as "A present".
The crochet bookmark my Grandma made was extra special because mine was ...PINK!
The little button hook from my friend's mom?
The color choice was clear.
(Adrienne - be sure to tell mom I remember!!)
And a very special little girl from a wonderful local artist?
Thanks Christine!

According to Hindi custom, magenta is the color of change, of letting go.
It asks us to break old attitudes and habits not good for us, to steer clear of obsessions and to forget what has passed away.
See my own special pink princess. Across the world for a season.

But always

Hugs, and as Aeleta would say ... Happy Pink Wednesday!

Sammy Girl


  1. So much fun, and yes - I will tell my dear mother that you remember. ~Adrienne~

  2. Hi Betty! I LOVE pink too!!! I have touches of it everywhere....I love aged pale pink....hope your week is going great!! xxoo, Dawn

  3. Since I have always been more of a aqua/blue girl, warming up to pink has taken me a while - but I'm liking it more and more. Love your post and I'm feeling more in the "pink" today!Hugs, M.

  4. I'm with ya! Pink is my ALL TIME favorite!! I have it almost everywhere in my home. Pink and green in the living room, pink and brown in the master, pink and aqua in the master bath, Pink pink pink! Adore it... anything pink!


  5. The child tipping the pink paint all over the adult (and the walls) intrigues me!

    Keep me posted about your Fall trip as to when it is and where you will be.I mikght be able to come up with something nearer the time.