Monday, March 30, 2009

Bits and Pieces - Hidden Treasures

Last Friday I went for a jaunt with Adrienne and her dear mom and cousin. I heard that mom had an "event" on the calendar in a few days that called for wearing a hat. (That's something we don't do often enough now-a-days!) And I knew just the hat for her!

Being a woman who LOVES/NEEDS choices (just ask Mr. Sammy Girl ..!) I didn't just want to offer the "one" -- but put in a few likely suspects. Kinda like a police line-up for hats.

Hmm .. to find the hatbox was tricky. When you "organize" (i.e. put it somewhere else) can you REMEMBER the new "organized" spot?

AHA! Found it!

And I opened it to look at the hats and found some tissue -
but it wasn't used to shape any of the hats.
WAIT! There's something wrapped inside ...
bits of lace and pieces of handwork.
I LOVE bits of lace and handwork pieces. They make me smile and make my heart sing. I usually don't use them in project .... but love them for who they are and the possibilities.
(Kinda reminds me of teaching middle school ... lol!)

Then I remembered that I have lots of little stashes and wanted to share a few.

First off -- in the vintage train case under the yellow desk. (Yes, the desk was a craigslist find!) There it is - on the right side, next to the red bag of quilt pieces.

Open it up, and inside are some of the loveliest bits and pieces.
See the pleated jabot with the lace? It is even more charming in person.
And this piece of netting!
It is about four yards long and about 12 inches wide.

Next - open the oak secretary.

This one not from craigslist, but from a neighbor's garage sale two houses ago.

(More than 10 years in normal timekeeping.)

Look under the ribbon and next to the felt gingerbread boy I was/am going to use as a model for bunches of small ones.

There's a BOX. See it?

A beautiful burgundy box. With a SNAP for a closure. Isn't that unique?

And inside are many bits of lovely treasures.
Aren't they INCREDIBLE?

Sigh ... Of course all of these were BARGAINS.

My budget is not vintage French boutique prices.
Little shops ... garage sales ... estate sales ... thrift stores.
Although, now that I think about it ...
I'd LIKE to give those French Boutiques a CHANCE ...

Maybe I will find a few new bits of lace in Olympia tomorrow. I am heading up north with Mr. Sammy Girl and will have a day out and about.

Here's a reminder to take out and enjoy YOUR treasures.

Not just the lacey ones.

I also mean give a call to that FRIEND you haven't spoken to for a while, or invite someone to tea.


Sammy Girl

lesson for today ... figure out how to make paragraph breaks appear where I want them. Every time. Just can't get that to work all the time. Also trying to figure out if centered text is easier to read and looks better than flush left. hmmmm .... still learning!

B :)


  1. Welcome to blogland, Sammy Girl!!! I'm fairly new myself, but I am enjoying myself tremendously!! Can't wait to see what else you have!

  2. Welcome to blogging Betty! I think you are doing great,,not to worry, I believe the learning curve is always there. I came from Dawn's Feathered Nest to welcome you. I am new to blogland as well. I love the lace,and the box is amazing. I always love to see blogs from my homeland, it makes me feel closer somehow. I will be back for a visit for sure. Enjoy the journey!

  3. Great blog! It all looks wonderful!

  4. hey betty!.....I am an Oregonian, .......I know Martha.....and I use !!!!! alot, too!!!! WOW!!! we have alot in common already!!! Welome to blogland!.....I use dots alot, too.....I love that netting !!!

  5. I am just north of you in WA. Just came by to welcome you. Love your posts and am in love with all your lace. Lucky girl. I will be back to see more of your treasures. Sharon

  6. Ohmygoodness Betty!!! I'm just drooling over here!!! Beautiful old lace is truly my weakness and you have a wonderful collection ~ thank you so much for sharing it, I may need to go and look through mine now :) ! xxoo, Dawn

  7. You know I love (and almost covet!) your lace collection. But I'm the lucky girl who can stop by and look at it any time you're home! Love your hiding places - always have. Hope you had a fabulous day in Olympia. Did you find new treasures there? My mom is so thrilled with the hat you loaned her - I think I'll go to her house before she leaves for her 'event' and take some photos. She will be the chic-est (is that a word?) lady there. She's hoping you won't mind if she wears on Easter when she goes with me to conduct the Easter Sunday Service at the care center in Woodburn. We had a great day together, didn't we? Let's do it again!

    P.S. - I still get frustrated when Blogger won't let me have my paragraph breaks where I put them! Let me know if you figure it out.

  8. Hi Ms. Sammy,
    I love your pink prizes oh so pretty in pink, as they say...
    I love dots and ! points too, I wish there were more options though because sometimes I get realllllly excited and what is a girl to do?? There is larger font and bold as well.
    Wish I had remembered you taught home ec (did I know that?) I could have used your help with the tutorial. It was harder to take pics and sew and think about what to do next.... and I thought I was a master multitasker...