Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Help from a Fairy

I have been wondering about all of the beautiful backgrounds on blogs I have visited over the past several years. I never asked about them. Feeling like an "outsider" I rarely commented. Kinda reminded me of those old feelings from middle school ... "but what if I knock at the door and no one talks to me .... and they say I'm not invited?"
Hmm .... now that I am expecting a blog it's time for me to step up.
And try new things.

Well, today I tried a "real" background from the background fairy. She must be a first cousin to the Blue Fairy of Pinocchio fame, because I can see that my blog is beginning to become real. I hope we don't have to go through any cigar smoking and gambling episodes ... or get swallowed by a whale.

Any fairies in your life to give you a hand or show you the way? AWESOME!
If you would like to be a blog fairy ... please leave a word of advice on either what to do ... or NOT to do. Thanks from a blogger-to-be!

1 comment:

  1. Ah, my dear friend - Please come in. You were definitely invited. I've been expecting you! There are no cigars or whales and there will be no gambling here. No need, my dear. We blog fairies always help each other and we love to see the new arrivals thrive. No need to fear - you're in good company now.

    Advice? Don't be afraid to try something new. I know, I know - at first it's all new. If you don't like what you try you can put it back the way it was. You'll be fine!

    This fairy's tip for the day - my favorite feature that a blogger shared with me when my blog was a baby. Under 'Settings - Comments - Comment Moderation', if you list your email address you will get an email with comments left here for you. You can accept or reject them from your inbox without going into your blog several times a day. I love it because I can send a reply to comments left by other blog fairies. All without going in and out of my blog. One click and I'm talking to them!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blog. You will find many special friends here and soon your world will be filled with the sweetest people ever imagined possible. Kindred spirits. The fairy bond is strong when life is sweet or when it takes a rough turn or two! I'm proud of you for venturing out - you're not alone. We're all here, pulling for you, holding your hand.