Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coming to a Blog near YOU!


Sammy Girl is in her "pre-blog" state. With help from friends, she will be up and going in the not-to-distant future! Stay tuned! (But don't hold your breathe -- turning purple and passing out is definitely NOT something for friends of Sammy Girl!!)

A shout-out to the 4 Friends Sale with Martha, Joy, Diane and Cindy! Hey-ya!

B :)

Here is a present for dropping by - a link to an uber-yummy blog. And Sammy Girl loves yummy stuff! Sweet Paul is the BEST! http://sweetpaul.typepad.com/ (the delectible photo is from food stylist Sweet Paul!)

Present # 2 --I am probably the last person to find this GREAT and FUN on-line show. Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Of course, 20-something son knew about it for AGES! Catch it here: http://drhorrible.com/mushortio.html

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