Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wonderful World

My goodness! So many wonderful people. Friends and friends-to-be. And so much talent!

A dear friend, Martha at Vintage Trifles, is a wonderful artist -- and a super person. I recently helped her at the "4 Friends Sale" and had a great time. Following the final set-up on Friday night I realized that one of her pieces, who we will name "Miss Rose", just HAD to come home with me. Isn't she FAB! She currently doesn't have a permanent home, but is on the sideboard in my dining room. DREAMY!
On the way home I did a quick stop at Auntie Joy's.

I LOVE Joy for her laughter and kindness. A couple of treasures found their way into my bag ... including some beautiful pink ribbons. Aren't they outstanding in their "pinkness"? I suppose I should use them for a project or something, but I just love to look at them and imagine the possibilities.
The heart next to the ribbons is also from Joy. Part of a favor she made for those of us attending her blog party and making crowns. I also found the PERFECT linen runner (THANKS JOY!!) and a frame I already have plans for. They might make a guest appearance in a future post.

Next stop on my way home was Diane's in Sublimity ... Molly Mo's. Diane is another kindred soul who has a great eye and many fun finds. A beautiful ironstone pitcher and vintage frame were talking with me like old friends, but I left them for another day. After all, I had already found the piece that made me laugh and smile. A miniature pitcher/coffee pot ... child size! Yes, it did have a crack ... and no lid. But who among us can claim to be perfect? So I brought it home to meet the family. The one from Diane is on the bottom row with no lid.
We live in a condo, and I have convinced myself that there is always room for my SMALL collectibles. I like small ... and I like dishes .... a perfect collection! These pots and pitchers are part of an extended family ..... here ...

and here ...Whew! Who knew that expecting a blog could be so much work? And frustrating ... and tiring? Thank you to Martha and Adrienne for helping me today. I have signed up for a beginning blogger class. Suppose it will be kinda like lamaze -- lots of helpful information and others who are just as awkward.
Hugs to all helping me on this journey to the Wonderful World of blogdom ...
Betty :)


  1. Ah, my sweet friend -
    Your blog came up on my Google Reader and I bypassed all others to get here quickly. Couldn't wait to see what you are up to! Oh how I wish I could have joined you last weekend when you called and invited me to join you at Martha's and Joy's and the other sales. My heart felt divided but you knew I was on a mission with my dear mom. Let's do it again soon, OK? Where is your blog class? Online?

    I love your finds. If you run out of room at your place I can take any of them off your hands! You know I don't have room for much, either. I can just imagine them in your sweet place! I left a message for you about an excursion you're invited to join tomorrow!

    Love you,

  2. Hi Betty, thanks for stopping by. And congrats on your blog and your wonderful finds! Well written and great pictures...I'll enjoy following you! ~Mindy

  3. Welcome Sammy, I saw your comment on Tiina's blog and thought I would come over and say hi. I'm new to blogging as well, since Feb. It's fun to get to know others who share the same passions. See you again soon.


  5. Popped over from Adrienne's. Welcome to Blogland. You will find it fun, addictive, frustrating but ti will also open your eyes to so much tht you previously either took for granted or did not even notice. You will learn lots and have lots to impart.
    Blessings and Best Wishes.

  6. What fun to see you last Saturday, too! I have lots of white ironstone at my spot in the Saltbox Sampler in Camas. Hope you can come on a Monday or Tuesday when I'm there. Your blog looks great. I didn't know about backgrounds, either

  7. Hi,
    I'm here from Adrienne's, welcome to blogland! I can see you are going to be really good at this! I'm bookmarking you!


  8. Hey Lady, good to hear from you. It was great to see you at Martha's and about time on the blog thing....
    It look great by the way.
    Yes come see us at Remond. It sounds like we will have over 15 vendors!!! Lots and Lots of goods. The address is on one of my previous posts. Check it out on Craigslist too.
    See you Soon Julie

  9. Well Hello Miss Sammy Girl. AKA Betty,
    You are so good at this blog thing already!! You will be giving the class. I am glad you just went for it and made the step. It will be fun to see what you are up to!

  10. Hey! You are doing great! Just getting caught up on my reading. I'll be adding you to my favorites later today. See you soon - hugs, M.

  11. Sammy,
    What a wonderful post, with lots and lots of information, and a cute writing style!
    I'm glad Dawn sent me over here.

    Where are you taking your blogging class?
    And, since i have not read your profile yet, were are you form?
    I live in Eugene,and opened a small gift shop last May. (oooh! 1 year anniversary coming up!!!!). I went to the sales you were talking about.

    Talk soon. Blessings,
    Barbara Jean

  12. PS

    What blog class were you talking about? Online, or in your town area?


  13. Oh I do love that wonderful pic/frame that had to come home with you!!!

    Off for other Monday things.

    Barbara Jean