Friday, April 3, 2009

Off to Redmond

Here we go! Just like the pioneers! Well, kinda ...
We are heading off to the JBUGS sale ...
I mean off to see FAMILY!!
It just so happens that we found a sale that sounds YUMMY!
The pioneers never had it so good.
Sammy Girl
today's project: scan a photo I just got in Olympia and see if others can download and resize for projects.


  1. HELLOOOO Betty

    So I'm not so sure I can visit a blog that is ALWAYS gadding about to flea Markets, Vintage shops, junking here junking there. I don't know about you but I'm just don't have the strenth of chacter to not feel a tad bit envious. Okay yeah I do live in a pretty good facimale of Paradise but it's a paradise without the a fore mentioned venues :( Oh heck I'm a strong independent woman I can throw caution to the wind, and live vicariously :) Just pay no never-mind if you hear any sorrowful 4year old sighs ;)

    Actually Betty have a grand time this weekend And as the "Old Junker's Blessing" goes, may the patron saint of Junkers be sitting on your shoulder :)

    Write when you find stash,
    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico

    PS You did good with today's project!!

  2. What a precious little lady! Thank you for sharing!


  3. Don't have too much fun without me! I can't complain - we're off to a favorite spot in Camas that you introduced me to. And a stop at Pendleton Woolen Mills Store and perhaps another stop or two along the way. Have a fantastic time with your family. Talk to you when you get back - we have your new-old green bookshelf. Will deliver for a price! How about some old ME magazines? ~Adrienne~

  4. Ohhh....sounds like fun! Enjoy and share any goodies you find!

  5. Sorry - I forgot to take my camera to the Quilters Traders Day! Thanks for visiting. Hope you'll call again!


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  7. Gorgeous picture!

    Have a wonderful week!