Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh, the Places We Will Go

Oklahoma City
where the wind REALLY DOES come rushing
Skinny gals shouldn't live in OKC
or they will end up like Dorothy from Kansas -
blown someplace far, far away!

While in OKC we saw some great things.
The Overholser Mansion.
Of course, we had to walk around the neighborhood.
Then on the the Museum of Art.
Who knew they have the largest collection of
And we LOVE Chihuly
(note: this is a full-size row boat!)
And I love how these are displayed and lit
Probably the best set-up of his work I have seen.

The way home?
Denver airport was closed -
we were detained a day.
Our "lemonade from lemons" was a AA ballgame on Opening Day.
The OKC Redhawks!
Finally able to go home --
Left OKC airport .. for Dulles ... as in

I don't have anything against DC -- in fact it's a great place to be, especially this weekend with the current Dumbarton House Exhibit and the
French Market in Georgetown for Friday and Saturday.

But we were flying to Portland -- OREGON.

A long trip. And no time to go ANYWHERE. So if I want to see the FAB clothing at Dumbarton, I need to get back before 4th of July.
Maybe we should have asked for a one-week layover before flying home ....

Instead, we have a great sale in our own backyard and a nationally known garden nearby, too.

If you are in the Northwest this weekend, check out

the Whimsical Wishes sale

and Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens.
Enjoy the Places You are Going!

Hugs -

One last thing from OKC.

Ya gotta love a town with

MY KIND of street art!!

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  1. Welcome home, my friend. You certainly took the long way home, didn't you? Love those homes and the artwork. And I want to go to Huldah Klager's Lilac Gardens. Mom wants to go there, too, so maybe that's a place to take her soon. Real soon! Can't wait to hear more about your trip. Hugs, ~Adrienne~