Monday, April 13, 2009

Till Death and Treasures (Part II)

Till Death Do Us Part

I guess all blogs are "Till Death Do Us Part" .... death of a computer, that is, lol!
Whew! Computer still a little "icky", but NOT DEAD! .... and REALLY, I would rather it not die right now. Not sure when would be a convenient time, but probably after Pink Princess returns to the states. (Love that Skype!)

First a little housekeeping.

Yes - I said there would be a GIVEAWAY the first of LAST week. You didn't miss it. I hasn't happened .... but is coming ... I PROMISE!

Second - some folks (sorry Tracey!) haven't been able to leave comments. I'll try to figure things out, but think related to computer issues. Anyone else had problems leaving comments, please e-mail me. Thanks!

Third - heading out to Oklahoma City tomorrow, so if anyone has ideas of places I simply MUST see, please let me know. OR ... if you know someone who knows someone .... YOU get the idea!

Finally -- here are a few more treasures from my trip to Redmond.

I LOVE vintage wedding things.This sweet little wedding certificate in the white frame has

Dated 1912 in Woodburn, Oregon.
Two scriptural references, including one from Ruth.

This little beauty, supposedly in it's original gold-ish frame,

ALSO has pink roses! (See why I had to get BOTH!!)

This one is 1903 in Birdstown, Tennessee.YUM!

Hugs to you!
Sammy Girl


  1. Bon Voyage, my friend. Have a wonderful time. Let me know when you're back. Let's plan some 'together' time! ~Adrienne~

  2. you are a true treasure hunter i see :) i hope you had/have a wonderful time! thank you for your very kind and generous comments on my blog :) i put Deepwood Estate on my list of places "i must photograph". thanks for that too! love

  3. Good luck with the computer woes. I keep thinking I need to back mine up.... I see so many people having problems, losing photos. Yes, I really should.

  4. I love wedding things too! Oh my gosh, Betty don't let the computer die! Take it to the Dr. or ask for a house call. I nearly died without mine.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog again. Yep, can you believe it? (Well if you knew me, of course you would believe it)!

  5. Betty, your deconstructed chair is waiting!!!!
    Julie, see you soon