Thursday, July 30, 2009

Get R Done Friday!

Only a short post
Congrats to a friend and I

We are having a garage sale!
Maybe even now as you are reading this.

We decided this three days ago.

We have talked about it for 
Does that sound familiar?

Priced almost everything.
Ad in local paper and craigslist.

Now we need shoppers.

Maybe we'll see you!
Don't you think this gal needs one of Martha's lined shopping carts?
BTW, Martha is having problems getting photos to load, so any notes to her about troubleshooting ... ?

We are hoping to clear out our garages a little.
I am also wanting to have some spending money for a FAB vacation coming up soon.  
Yes the grandkids and beach trip are just a week away.
But I'm talkin' about a super special just-the-two-of-us vacation.  
Need our passports kinda trip.

But for now it's finish making the signs. 
And off to bed.

ps .. click on the "Gettin R Done" quote at the top of the page to visit others!  (hope I connected right!!)  If not, try this link or go to Barb's blog ...  thanks!

Christa and Julie -- Whimsical Wishes Show on Saturday.  GOTTA BE THERE!  (and sorry, I think I ALWAYS spell Christa's name "Krista" .... Think the K from Kindred Roses gets stuck, kinda like a typewriter key.... remember typewriters???

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Come Out of the Closet

It's Okay
You can come out of the closet now.

Yes - YOU!

I know you like rusty and chippy things.

And not just the one piece you have hiding in the garage.

Did you know?


See the new Pottery Barn catalog?
Right there.
(Page 34 for those of you playing along at home.)

On the coffee table.
Rusty railroad spikes.


That's about as mainstream as you can get.

I have "collected" those bad boys for YEARS.

And now when my mom starts to
 question my design abilities 
I can whip out the catalog and proclaim 
Well, not as thin or as famous as this waif who had us all drawing in lashes under our eyes.

But a trendsetter none-the-less.

So join me and
come out of the closet!
Fly the flag proudly.
Celebrate the tatters and rusty finial.

Viva la revolution! 
Or maybe it was a coup?
Whatever it was -- junk won over the masses.
Or at least the stylists at
Pottery Barn.

Have a junk-eriffic day!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Truck update ...

This truck is a celebrity.
It undoubtedly needs a fan club
and probably a twitter account.

The latest word is that the owner is apparently from Oakridge, Oregon.

Who cares about a pink cadillac ....
a truck is MUCH BETTER for thrifting and junking!

I feel like a stalker.
Friends are sending me updates.

Kinda like high school all over again.
(Hmmmm not so much -- we didn't have cell phones OR the internet)
OK -- so maybe a passed note saying the object of your affection was just spotted coming out of study hall.

In my defense, even Mr. Sammy Girl thinks the truck is AWESOME.

Isn't lust one of the seven deadly sins?

I confess.

I understand that not everyone cares as much about pink as I do.
And perhaps a truck isn't YOUR dream drive.

How about something in a brilliant blue?


Friday, July 24, 2009

Live the Life You Want

Yes, it's Friday.
And, yes -- this SHOULD be a "Get R Done" Post.
It isn't.

Sometimes it's best to wipe the to-do list clean.
Forget the clothes needing to be ironed .... or just folded.
Unloading the dishwasher will wait ...

Don't fret.
Yes -- 
THAT'S the hardest thing.

Figure out what matters and
live the life you want to be living.

We live in Portland --
a city blessed with natural beauty.

Well, sorta.  
Technically Who Villa is actually in a burb ...
but close enough.

Anyway -- this is a beautiful place to live.

Nearby mountains to climb.

Or just admire on your way to the grocery store.

Mt. Hood is there.
I remind myself to lift my eyes and see the beauty
that seems too big to miss
but I often overlook.

Nearby we have
beaches to explore.
LOVE the beach.  
Grew up on southern Oregon Coast.

We are taking a 5 day holiday in a couple of weeks with the 
Pink Princess and 
the Montana crew.

Playing in the surf.
Watching the sunset.
Sharing these things I love with
kids and grandkids.

I am trying to live the life I want --

Every Day

visit and dinner with mom and dad
talk about house remodel
he was a Marine in Korea
who is an above the knee amputee 
who will soon need to use a scooter
all the time.

Real reason for visit?
Tell them we love them.

Face to face.

took Mr. Sammy Girl to sandwich dinner at

Paradise Cafe at Bridgeport, that is!

Coupon for free sandwich.
So it REALLY WAS Paradise.
(Don't they have free food in Paradise?)

He bought book at Borders.
We wandered into Anthropologie
and into a couple of shops
sat outside and listened to the live music
spent a couple of hours
just hanging out.

Real reason?
Spending time together enjoying the evening.
Mostly for free.

If we don't enjoy the "better", 
how can we survive the "worse"?

Helping Cindy (Tarte) set up at the Barn.
Real reason?
Time with wonderful and creative people.
I think Joy and Joe with be there.
So much FUN!
Fun is vital to our well being.

I give myself permission to play.

Class with the incredible Lisa Kaus.
Real reason?
Nurture creativity.
In me
I can hardly wait!
This minute?

I'm making waffles.
with strawberries

Wish you were here to have some, too!

Here's to a life filled with love, companionship, friends, creativity, inspiration, ... and FUN!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wish These Wheels Were Mine!


Several at Barn House this last Saturday were wondering
who did the "mystery" truck belong to,
including Sylvi of Little Cottage.

Her blog gave us the 411 on these wonderful wheels:
"This wonderful pink truck is owned by Deanna of 'Somewhere in Time'. She has her own shop in Yakima and came to check out the flea markets today. Such a cute truck!!"
Yakima -- (or maybe Union Gap?)  I wonder if she knows the Flutterby Girls?
And speaking of great pink wheels, here is another beauty, courtesy of Apples of Gold from her post in June.

If they were mine, I wouldn't trade in on the cash for clunkers program ... 
no matter what the mileage!

My wheels don't look anything like that.
And it's probably a good thing.
Yes ... driving a little white car has it's benefits.


No one notices you coming or going.
Especially if you are a tad bit speedier than you REALLY should be.

But the little Focus was a great ride last Saturday as we put a few miles on Sammy Girl's little car.  Do you KNOW how MUCH I can fit into my hatchback!!  

Better than a rodeo clown car!

My sister came up and spent the night Friday.  Saturday we went to Barn House.
It was good to see folks again ....  
and some for the first time.  
Everyone was incredibly nice and made sis feel like family.

Well, she IS family .... 
but they made her feel like she was a part of the flea-market-crafty-crazy-fun-people family.

Thanks for being such a swell group!

First there was Joy (aka Auntie Joy)  She had some goodies just waiting for me.

This little beauty was calling my name but I had to leave it for someone else.

All together we went through everyone's space twice.  
Chatting and shopping.

But NOT taking pictures.

We then headed to the Camas Antique Mall 

and the Pendleton Outlet store in Washougal.  

We did our bit to help the economy recover.

Hugs to you and yours and hope you have fun this week!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tru Confessions

I have something to confess.
My secret dates.
With Paul.

Sweet Paul.

Well, maybe NOT so secret.
I know I have posted on Sweet Paul before (but gosh darn it I can't remember exactly when)!
If his blog is not a regular stop on your journey through the ether, it SHOULD be.
He is a phenom of a stylist ....
who crafts, creates and cooks.
A veritable triple threat!
He shares the how-to's.
You would recognize his work in magazines.

And then there is this ....

and this ...

and this ...

Nuff said.

Hugs and have a great day!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Christmas Explosion

This is my first time to join Barb on 
Get R Done Friday. 

Yes, I know.
It's technically still Friday morning 
(for a few more minutes) ... 
and you are SUPPOSED 
to prepare the blog the night before.

My project is NOT COMPLETELY DONE ... yet!
A gal's got to start somewhere sometime .... so here we are.

Or .... 
How Plans for Organizing
Can Run Amuck

It started in April ... when I took all the tubs and boxes and miscellaneous storage for Christmas decorations out. 
Rubbermaid tubs ... one after another.
Feather trees.
Groves of artificial trees. (Some older than the Pink Princess!)
All of it.

Well, ALMOST all of it. 
My most special vintage glass garlands and ornaments are not considered "Christmas decorations" for this purpose. They are beloved just as they are and live in special spots or out in jars all the time.

Then May came and there they sat.
And I SWEAR they multiplied!
Honestly, who KNEW I had that many sleighs?

Where June went I have no idea.

So July is here and I have now transformed the sorting room into a guest room.
Sorting innumerable "things" by color/type or 
whatever category made sense.
At midnight some of those groupings can be pretty sketchy!  
But everything is on labels or index cards to make 
locating items a breeze.
(Update on how that works in December!!)

And then 
hauling the whole kit and caboodle down two flights of stairs.  
(where DOES that phrase come from)
Box by box.  Bin by Bin.
Snowmen, Dept. 56 and fake forest.
Gold, Red, Lime Green
Every phase of my Christmas decor.

At some point I considered buying the Christmas store for sale in Oregon City just to have a place to put it all.  

But it was worth it.

I now have the guest room I wanted.
Even though the decor is not complete, and I really hope to add a second twin bed so both grandkiddos can sleep sweetly .... 
it's done enough to celebrate.

The King of Whoville seems to agree that this was a good project.

Hugs and hope your explosions are all good ones!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Climbing the Walls!

Some days you just feel like climbing the walls.  But what about your furniture?

"Gosh darn it, if she moves me around ONE MORE TIME .... "

I am SO glad that walls (and chairs) do NOT TALK -- or TALK BACK!

What?  You DON'T talk to your furniture?  
I do.  
You didn't think I was just talkin' to myself, did you?

Have a Fun and Fabulous Friday ....
oops, I'd better get busy if I'm going to finish my "Get 'er Done" project I told Barb I would post about.  And don't believe a word of what the rocker is saying ....


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I DON'T mean the summer equivalent of sitting in detention.  Going over something you were SUPPOSED to learn  - and DIDN'T.  
You know that whole X and Y axis thing ... ??  
Well, my idea of summer school is WAY more fun than that!


Now that we are adults (notice I DIDN'T say "MATURE"?)  we can CHOOSE to learn LOTS of THINGS -- WHENEVER we want.  And what better time than summer to try a new activity, practice a new technique, or just plain play around and have fun??  After all, wasn't recess one of the best things about school??


So many FAB bloggers have the best tutorials for your own private summer school.  For some of us that fits with our own private summers, but hey ladies ... when the hormones hit ... the crafty get creating!  And who says you can't do it with a cool beverage?  Although I would recommend staying away from anything stronger than lemonade if you are working with a soldering iron, or power tools that cut or drill ..... Remember, all rules aside for creating, but channel your inner mom for safety purposes, lol!

So, where do you go?  

Dawn has a FABULOUS blog.  
Did you ever notice that she has tutorials for sale?  And right now they are ON SALE.  (Until midnight Tuesday, I think.) Wanna make your own fairy jar?  Dawn has the 411. 

Something a little more, umm, woodsy-funk?  How about this Deer Head from the book Dorm Decor  that I originally saw at Made By Girl.  Kinda awesome in white.  Incredibly unique in your own choice of paper or fabric.

Template and instructions!
(Good thing there are instructions, because I'm sure it would take me a bit to figure out!)
A great site to check out is    Lots of folks with LOTS of tutorials.  Just pick what you want, like these flowers.  Can you believe they are made with CRUMPLED PAPER??!!

Another great idea for summer?  Lanterns.  For inside or out ... and such a cinch to make!

All you need is a few "ingredients"
 ... be sure to follow the simple instructions ... and voila!  
PERFECTION! also has links to the tutorial for these tea lanterns.

There are simply YEARS of blog links ...
Search for that PROJECT you are wanting to make,
just wander and see what looks like fun!

Don't forget to check out your 
favorite blogs or "merchant sites" for how-to's.

Maya Road has recipe cards for things like this 
crown chipboard book.   

Well, I'm off to get some stuff done .... or maybe I'll take a minute to follow some directions I found at Noteworthy Musings ....


Ahhh, I LOVE summer school .... don't YOU?