Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fun and Finds = London #8


Yes, the food in
is surprisingly good
given it's bad press

But even tastier are


Shall we step out for a day?

Time to wake up and get movin'!
But where should we go?
The tube is a speedy and efficient
way to navigate around London.

Let's try Spitafield's Market,
shall we?

Check out the route ...
any transfers needed?

Remember that we're
"not in Kansas anymore"

But it seems Dorothy's pals
have decided
is the place to be!

The market is full of
many types of stalls.

Some booths have BOXES
of things to dig through ..

Others are neatly displayed
The keys on this table -
from and old jail.
180 BPS ...
that's about $270 ..
they were not among my purchases.

But, look at all these treats ...

And even more ...

Whew ...
a lot to look through.

Maybe we should head
somewhere else?

But first a quick snack ..

Look no further!
American style brownies.
Don't know what made them
"American Style"
but we LOVED them!

This is our next stop.

Our destination?

Even the traffic signs
want you to have a good time!

Look at this cute shop!
(and a perfect name, too!)

Some "toys" for our guys?
(Yes, Mr. Sammy Girl spent a
LOT of time at this stall!)

Maybe some vintage paper?


Old glass?
Oops ... not for sale, silly ...
those are 1 and 2 AD at the
British Museum!
But I WOULD LOVE to have ....

An old clock or two?
(I am seriously thinking about returning
to see about this beauty!)

Dolls or miniatures?
This is Heather.
She has AWESOME goodies
in her shop.
The bell jar arrangement
behind her is
Wind up and a bird in the flowers sings ...

More bits and bobs
than ANYONE could want!

And of course the china!
(only three sets of these
black and pink with rose beauties,
or they WOULD be mine!)


Time to drag ourselves away.

Heading back for real food
and sleep.


Shopping or culture.

Tough choice!

Hugs and may your days be filled with WONDERFUL CHOICES.
Sammy Girl

Friday, August 28, 2009

Get R Done Friday - LONDON #7

Get R Done Friday

Today's Get R Done (from London) has been a long time coming.

In January 2008 the Pink Princess
was accepted into a year-long program of study in India.
That's India as in the subcontinent ....
not a typo of Indiana!

As we finalized her air travel
in August of 2008
we decided to add
a couple of days in
to her itinerary.
Just for fun.

Thought that sounded a
bit more her style than
3 days in Quatar
another transfer option.

So I was on the phone making
hotel reservations
and mapping out fun things
Mr. Sammy Girl said
"why don't you go with her?"

me - What? .... Can't

him - You sure?
You'd enjoy it.
Why don't you go?

me - No. ... too much money.

him - come on ...
you know you've always wanted to.
Why don't you go?

me - finally coming to my senses
and realizing he might not
ask a third time ...

End result was a 5 day trip to
with 2 weeks notice.

I decided
the places he would like the most
and that
he and I would
visit when we were in
Current day:
We are now in London.

The two things he has always wanted to do?

Visit the Prime Meridian in Greenwich
and see the Rosetta Stone.

Even more importantly, we are talking about the things we have always wanted to do but felt there were barriers in our way. Are those the things we still feel are important? And are the barriers real or imaginary? We are going to find out!

As our parents age we realize NOW is the time to determine what we want to do with the rest of our lives .... set priorities and take steps to make the dreams reality.

Hugs and may your dreams - whether large or small - become reality!
Sammy Girl

Thursday, August 27, 2009

50th Post Giveaway ... and BONUS! London part 6

Summer reruns ....
While in London I am
my 50th post.

To say thank you to
I have assembled a few

not a ticket to London ....

The giveway goodies include
of roses.

Why roses?

I could say it represents
The City of Roses

or English roses ...

but really
it's because
EVERYBODY loves roses!

Imagine a beautifully
decorated box.
Covered in pink paper.
Everything padded with
Pink tissue paper.
Roses on
A great photo shoot
for the giveway ....

Didn't get done
before we left
for London.

I DID get a quick picture.
Of some of the stuff.
Great book
Comforts of Home
bone china egg cup
fun little dish with cutouts with yellow and pink roses
three dishes with aqua banding and sweet pink roses
a plate with rose trim
delicate glass blown flower basket,
handpainted mug ....
Oops ...
not the mug.
Pink princess
"borrowed" it
after the picture was taken.
How could I say no
when she just confessed
she feels drawn to flowers.
This is something
new for her.
To make it up to you I am adding some vintage floral ephemera from my private stash,
as well as a few goodies I hope to find at the markets and fleas here in London.


Just let me know of your visit
to ANY
or ALL
of my London posts.

You are entered.

Once for each post you comment on.

Post about the giveaway on
your blog
and let me know ...
each of your comments will count

Sorry for this
"summer rerun"
but hope you like the

Rerun is because
no new pics today.
We visited the National Gallery ...
no photography allowed so we didn't bother to take our camera.
Plans for tomorrow -
Spitafield's Market -
maybe find some goodies for the giveaway!
Then to the British Museum in the afternoon.
Hmmmm .... ROSEtta stone.
Probably not fit into carryon ....

Hugs and have a few laughs and some fun today!
Sammy Girl

Important news! Flea Market Style blog has a giveaway. Check out their blog and enter to win a cart with liner!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

White Wednesday London Part 5

I like white.

In my home I have
white walls, white trim
white balcony ...
my TEMPORARY house
here in London.
I also like the
Like the balcony door latch
and balcony door hinge.

And love the
"sorta white".

That chippy look
that I LOVE
that mom called
"old, dirty stuff".

Now I know these things
sound pretty high-end to me!

Here are some
French pots
that I bought at market yesterday.

Some of the bottoms are marked in
Some in French ...
and some just have number imprints.
They all speak my language!

Hugs and Happy White Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kempton Races - London part 4

Treasure hunting at the racetrack.
Not looking for odds on a pony ....
but winning on a
sure thing.

We're talkin'
Antique Market

Kempton Park

A racetrack much of the time
but home to antique market
every other week

Treasures from
England and Europe.
(Hurrah for the Chunnel!)

Of course there are no pictures of
our tube and train ride there.

Quaint towns, gardens,
etc, etc.

The camera stayed at the hotel.

Guess it wanted a nap.

After returning I woke the camera
and snapped a few pics to share.

Overview of the "finds"
Not a great pic - but includes
Victorian letter holder
lots of silverplate
knife rests
serving spoons
salt and mustard spoons
fish knives
no bone handles, though.
(too pricey)

many old keys
lion door knocker
drawer and door pulls
furniture brasses
clock faces
even a lock box
with key and inset drawer
that's chippy red inside!

See anything you like?

I love it all!
Who can resist?

To top it off?

Old legal documents.
Dating from
1851 to 1906 or so.

Not on paper.

REAL vellum.


How about a closer look?
Until next time!

Hugs and hope your day is filled with treasure --
Sammy Girl

Monday, August 24, 2009

Small World - London Part 3

Hope I don't start singing that
Disney fave
which is always a brain worm ...
is IS a small world, after all!

Small enough for my short legs to be in the
Eastern Hemisphere
Western Hemisphere
at the

Couldn't resist.
Mr. has always wanted to go visit
the Prime Meridian.
Zero degree longitude.
The place where time begins.

Or is it where "space" begins.

I'm not really sure.

We went up/down
the Thames for a visit
to Greenwich
to straddle the

Doesn't it have a much better name
than Stonehenge?

But, back to the point
of "small worldness"
just look
who's coming to London!

and ...
Yep ... Juicy Couture just opened a store.
Anthropologie will in the next few weeks.

With Starbucks and McDonald's
already firmly ensconced,
you can fly 1/2 way around the world
and feel like you are just around the corner
from home.

Well, kinda ...

is also in your neighborhood!

Looking at "Big Ben"
through the London Eye.

Now our Brit quiz
for the day.

Category - POTATO(E)S
American fries are ...
American chips are ...
American crisps are ...

Heck if I know!
Do we call

We DID see
boxes of Kettle Chips
at Victoria Station.

Wonder if that blows
everyone's minds?
Potato chips from
Salem, Oregon
in London.

Category - BEVERAGES
Where can you find
Diet Pepsi to be exact!
No -
not Coke.

No Pepsi at the grocery store ...
Not at McDonald's ...
Not at the quickie food mart ....
but found some HERE!

to be more precise - HERE.
The food concessions at
Buckingham Palace.

I KNEW Liz had style!

And I think the
for all the security
around the Palace
is a national shortage of
we hope to have our
of several trips to
different markets
to shop for

Will look for something with
to include in the

Just comment on
of the London posts
and you are entered.

You can comment on
EACH posting.
Lots of chances to win.

How easy is that?!

Well --
gotta get up early and find some
to add to the rest

Hugs and have a super day!
Sammy Girl