Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fun and Finds = London #8


Yes, the food in
is surprisingly good
given it's bad press

But even tastier are


Shall we step out for a day?

Time to wake up and get movin'!
But where should we go?
The tube is a speedy and efficient
way to navigate around London.

Let's try Spitafield's Market,
shall we?

Check out the route ...
any transfers needed?

Remember that we're
"not in Kansas anymore"

But it seems Dorothy's pals
have decided
is the place to be!

The market is full of
many types of stalls.

Some booths have BOXES
of things to dig through ..

Others are neatly displayed
The keys on this table -
from and old jail.
180 BPS ...
that's about $270 ..
they were not among my purchases.

But, look at all these treats ...

And even more ...

Whew ...
a lot to look through.

Maybe we should head
somewhere else?

But first a quick snack ..

Look no further!
American style brownies.
Don't know what made them
"American Style"
but we LOVED them!

This is our next stop.

Our destination?

Even the traffic signs
want you to have a good time!

Look at this cute shop!
(and a perfect name, too!)

Some "toys" for our guys?
(Yes, Mr. Sammy Girl spent a
LOT of time at this stall!)

Maybe some vintage paper?


Old glass?
Oops ... not for sale, silly ...
those are 1 and 2 AD at the
British Museum!
But I WOULD LOVE to have ....

An old clock or two?
(I am seriously thinking about returning
to see about this beauty!)

Dolls or miniatures?
This is Heather.
She has AWESOME goodies
in her shop.
The bell jar arrangement
behind her is
Wind up and a bird in the flowers sings ...

More bits and bobs
than ANYONE could want!

And of course the china!
(only three sets of these
black and pink with rose beauties,
or they WOULD be mine!)


Time to drag ourselves away.

Heading back for real food
and sleep.


Shopping or culture.

Tough choice!

Hugs and may your days be filled with WONDERFUL CHOICES.
Sammy Girl


  1. Oh my! You certainly saw more than your suitcase can hold! Could I put in an order for that darling little, old scooter in one of the photos? You could carry it on your lap on the plane, perhaps? Can't wait to see you at home and hear ALL about it. Mr. Rusty Cat sends his love - he misses you but he's being well cared for. He doesn't seem to mind that it's us instead of you scratching his back and giving him treats! See you soon. ~Adrienne~

  2. Hi there!

    Welcome to sunny (ahem) England. I live 45 minutes out of London and as I'm sure you know it is Bank Holiday Monday here tomorrow. I would HIGHLY recommend searching for a carboot sale, if you decide to go shopping. The prices at London flee markets are totally fictional - completely crazy and are aimed - I'm sorry to say this outloud - at tourists. Get yourself down to Surrey maybe - and bag yourself a proper English bargain!!!!!There should be Bank Holiday Carboots everywhere!!!!

    But whatever you guys get up to HAVE FUN !!!!!



  3. I just love that you've allowed us to share this trip with you! What wonderful pictures and the captions make me feel like I'm walking along side you.


    You can get trains regularly from Victoria and Waterloo to EPSOM (no changes)


    Free museums and art galleries - British Museum? Museum of Childhood (supposed to be great) - Go to the Embankment on a sunny day and under Waterloo Bridge there is a book stall and lots of places to visit. Maybe - if you are very adventurous - go to Camden Market - you'll get a real taste of modern English culture there - but watch your purse!


  5. Thanks for taking me along on your fun travels today:)

  6. I like those keys...could you go back and get them for me. Are you kidding... $270 They should have had them under lock and key at that price not just thrown on the table.
    I did see some cute stuff though. The cups were sweet!!!
    Happy shopping!!!

  7. Love this one! You must be having just the best time!
    Hugs, Lisa

  8. Oh, looks so fun - I want to go sooo bad! Have fun shopping and getting cultured!