Monday, August 3, 2009

Worth Repeating ... or NOT!

Breathless ...
As in takes your breath away.
Speechless ...
As in you have no words.

Some things leave us speechless or breathless that we would like to relive.
A fun evening ... a sunset ... 
Someone we care about looking so 

The Pink Princess ...
Lots of fun times worth repeating!

Not EVERYTHING that leaves us
speechless or breathless
needs repeating.

Like great-grandma's
china candy dish
laying broken on the floor.

Holding your breath thinking
I didn't just see that happen ...

Or something worse
that so many experience.
Thinking we'll never breathe again.

You'd think after all these years I would know how to breathe.
In and out.
But sometimes I forget.
Especially when doing something else
like walking
or thinking.

Sometimes I sputter.
Sputter out ...
kinda like a cough.
Or sputter in ...
and swallow spit
the wrong way. 

Today in the shower I was scrubbing my face --
with one of those net kinda things.
To remove the dead skin.
(Doesn't that sound gross?)
To make my face think it's 20 again.
(But I don't think it's buying it....)

Well --
I sputtered.

A mouth full of soapsuds
Burned into my throat.

Couldn't breathe or talk.
Breathless and speechless
but definitely
NOT worth repeating!

Hugs and hoping that all your breathless moments are ones of sheer delight and that when you are speechless it is because you don't need any words to describe your joy!


  1. looks like you have a great blog, I shall return when I am not running late...bye thanks for coming by .

  2. You washed your mouth out with soap and you didn't even say any bad words!! LOL!

    Cute post! Is that a picture of your daughter, or you??


  3. I love the photos of Miss MB, oops - Pink Princess! This post is SO you! You need to be careful with the soap in the mouth thing - you don't want to acquire a taste for it. Some of the new 'flavors' of soap may taste as good as they sound! Silly me - think I've had too much vacation! ~Adrienne~