Friday, August 28, 2009

Get R Done Friday - LONDON #7

Get R Done Friday

Today's Get R Done (from London) has been a long time coming.

In January 2008 the Pink Princess
was accepted into a year-long program of study in India.
That's India as in the subcontinent ....
not a typo of Indiana!

As we finalized her air travel
in August of 2008
we decided to add
a couple of days in
to her itinerary.
Just for fun.

Thought that sounded a
bit more her style than
3 days in Quatar
another transfer option.

So I was on the phone making
hotel reservations
and mapping out fun things
Mr. Sammy Girl said
"why don't you go with her?"

me - What? .... Can't

him - You sure?
You'd enjoy it.
Why don't you go?

me - No. ... too much money.

him - come on ...
you know you've always wanted to.
Why don't you go?

me - finally coming to my senses
and realizing he might not
ask a third time ...

End result was a 5 day trip to
with 2 weeks notice.

I decided
the places he would like the most
and that
he and I would
visit when we were in
Current day:
We are now in London.

The two things he has always wanted to do?

Visit the Prime Meridian in Greenwich
and see the Rosetta Stone.

Even more importantly, we are talking about the things we have always wanted to do but felt there were barriers in our way. Are those the things we still feel are important? And are the barriers real or imaginary? We are going to find out!

As our parents age we realize NOW is the time to determine what we want to do with the rest of our lives .... set priorities and take steps to make the dreams reality.

Hugs and may your dreams - whether large or small - become reality!
Sammy Girl


  1. Hey girl.
    That's awesome!!

    Now, seems i saw a post when i logged on about a giveaway??
    I'm going back to check that out.

    See you soon, in Coburg???

    Barbara jean

  2. What a SUPER post today - thanks for participating in GET R DONE FRIDAY - waste no time in making dreams come true!

  3. Would love to visit England someday; the place of my ancestors. Enjoy your time there.


  4. I am so enjoying this trip through your 'eyes'!

  5. thanks for visiting my blog! I make my photo mosaics here:

  6. Hi, my dear friend -
    Oh, we so wish were there with you. But someone has to stay here to keep your homefires burning and chat with Mr. Rusty Cat! Yes, you need to talk about your dreams - and make plans to do as many of them as possible. I plan to share one of my dreams that came true earlier this month in San Francisco. Perhaps tomorrow - if I can decide which of my one million photos to share! See you soon back at home. ~Adrienne~

  7. Continue your magical journey, I am sure you are.