Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cooling Trend? Hot Shopping!

It's been a pretty HOT summer 
here in the
Pacific Northwest.

Photo from Moggit - (where else!)

But now we have a cooling trend
where you can actually breathe
when you step outside.
Well, maybe not THIS cold ...

More like this ...
View from our Who Villa

Yes, I know, folks in
Texas and Arizona 
think our ten little days of 
over 90 degree weather
was hardly enough to turn on 
the A.C.

We are spoiled rotten with perfect weather
most of the time.

But back on track ...
the cooling weather and rain reminds me that
"shopping season" is just starting to
really heat up!

Just in time for the holidays!
Ornaments on sale at Etsy  from 
artist Lenae Mae of Windlewood.
Visit her blog, too.

Don't give me any grief over the fact that it's just August!

You KNOW ya wanna 
or gotta 
get things into gear.

And mid November you are 
in a bind about why you put things off.

So here's the plan:

#1   * Look at your calendar

#2  *Plan to attend some of the many 
(or virtual sales)

#3 *Combine retail therapy and
supporting small artisans and shopkeepers to
create your own economic stimulus plan.


What better way to kick start your retail "holiday" therapy 
(isn't ANY shopping day a holiday?)
by attending some of the 

Aug. 22nd
the Queen does it up in her own trendy style 
and this month she is collaborating with 
Willow Nest 
for what should be a highlight of design you won't want to miss!

Aug. 22nd
Molly Mo's Summer Antique Faire
Diane throws one heck-of-a fun bash.
And joining her will be Kindred Roses 
and Carol Curtis ... 
and maybe even more friends!

Aug. 22nd
Simplify Sale
Community Yard Sale
13691 SW Morgan Road
Sherwood, OR
9 AM - 2 PM

Aug. 22nd
Vintage Faire
This one's got the whole 'tude
right there in the name.
Who could resist.
Now git y0urself down to
RENO, baby!

has an Oregon connection ...
and we LOVE her.

Aug. 30th
Oregon City Open Air Antique Fair
We will be gone, but
wish I could go.
ALWAYS great
100+ vendors

Sept. 4th -27th
Fall Premier Show
Storewide Sale Sept 4-6th
A great spot to shop .... 

Sept. 5th
Not the "usual" venue
for many of you to shop.
But believe me -
I have found great treasures.
Like small ironstone dishes.
Try it ...
You'll like it!
Go Mikey Go!
(get it? Mikey will like it??)
Sorry, it's a 5 am update.
National Guard Armory

Sept. 12th
Barn House Fall Harvest
Harvest a bunch of goodies ...
That's what I'm planning on doing!
Joe and Jermonne
and the phenom they have produced.
Can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves ...

Sept 12th
Vintage Barn Antique Show
For those of you not in the Portland Metro area
or wanting a trip out of town -
this is a great show in
Rathdrum, Idaho.
btw -- Rathdrum is close to
Coeur d'Alene
Silverwood anyone??
If I end up heading to see Montana Girl
and the kiddos --
I'll time my trip to catch this show!

Who wouldn't love this Barn Baby?

Sept. 13th
Coburg Antique Faire
Need I say more?
If you've never been ....
Well, I can't describe what you've been missing.
Unless it's the best deals in the dark ...
and sometimes the rain, lol!
GOBS of Good Stuff 
and many of my personal favs will be there ..
any probably some new favs ...
(and I will too!!)

Sept. 13th
Want to stay in the
Portland Metro area?
Millennium Plaza Park
Lake Oswego

Sept. 19th
The Camas Vintage Street Faire
One of the most picturesque small towns 
so close to Vancouver WA and Portland OR
Laurie (Worthy Goods/A View from the Coop)
gave me the 411.

Sept. 2oth
Historic Deepwood Antique Faire
Hmmm .....
GORGEOUS Queen Anne house - check!
STUNNING gardens - check!
Vintage car show - check!
Live music - check!
Scads of wonderful booths - check!
Free admission - check!
On my calendar - DOUBLE CHECK!

Sept. 26th
Queen of Tarte 
Boutique Flea Market
Only Cindy could host a flea
that's really a boutique is disguise!
I have heard whispers about the guests,
but you'll just have to wait and hear it from the Queen herself!
note:  If you haven't visited the Pearl Street of Dreams, 
go just to see the space outfitted with finds from Tarteland!

Sept. 26th
Simplify Sale
Community Yard Sale
13691 SW Morgan Road
Sherwood, OR
9 AM - 2 PM

Oct. 3rd
From Hwy 126 go south on Helmholtz about a quarter mile, turn west on Obsidian Ave. 
We are down about a mile on the right hand side.  
For more information or directions. 
Lisa at 541-410-7815 or Peggy at 541-460-0357
Redmond, OR

Oct. 15th - 17th
Craft & Antique Show
Think of heading up north?
Tippy top of Washington?
Maybe head up to Vancouver or
for some tea
Tim Horton's donuts?
Don't ask ...
Here's the place I wanna stop.
For all three days.
and THEN to the Empress....

Oct. 23rd & 24th
Funky Junk Sisters
A junk-a-licious show ...
One that has GOT to be on every
Junk Queen's calendar!
So much rusty stuff - so little time!
(South Hill - Puyallup)

Oct. 24th
Queen of Tarte
Can't let the pumpkin out of the bag ...
but come and see the Tarte barn!

Oct. 24th & Oct 25th
Yes ...
It's a four letter word!
A true shop-till-you-drop

Nov. 7th
Molly Mo's & Vintage Trifles
I kinda hate to mention this one, 
as I'd prefer it to be 
my own personal fun time.
But honestly -- 
everyone in blogland is 
so nice, 
that I MUST share.
These two are incredible separately and 
nuclear together.
For those that wait for 
to be at a show with her work, 
this is the one not to miss.
Don't be sorry - mark your calendar, NOW!

Martha's Miss Rose lives at the Who Villa!

Nov. 7th
Tarte Magic of Christmas
Good thing Oregon City and Sublimity are close!
Who knows
better than the Queen of Tarte?
I've got to be there to experience the sparkles!

Hugs and here's to some fun on YOUR calendar!

NOTE: Updates will continue as more information available


  1. Great line-up of events!!
    Will have to see what i can make it to.

    any recommendations for shopping for the store??


    barbara jean

  2. The shows sound like they could keep you busy the rest of the YEAR! Wish they were in OUR area - would love to see some of them! As the owner of an 'etsy' shop myself, I do support the other shops by my purchases. It's the FIRST place I look when I need an item for myself or a gift. Great supply of goods, and it definitely stimulates the economy!

  3. What happens when I run out of money? Man, that's a lot of good shopping!

  4. Hey, my friend, is your car heading to all these sales except the one when you're out of town? Sounds like fun. Maybe you and I can squeeze into my SUV for some of them and then fill it to the rim with goodies. And you know I have a roof rack on that sweetie. And a trailer hitch!

    Thanks for the calender info. Things to be considered. When you're back from vacation I need your help looking through things here for the Deepwood sale. That should be good for lunch out and lots of fun. You think?

  5. Betty,
    Do you know anything about the Sherwood community garage sale??
    Is it pretty big? A bunch of small sales??

    Barbara Jean

  6. Oh Betty, I want to go to ALL of them!!!! Y'all have the best stuff up there...and down here in Georgia, well, we just don't! I hope you're doing wonderful sweetie, and when you go to the fun events, think of me :) xxoo, Dawn