Sunday, August 2, 2009

Inspiration hits? Hit back!

You never know when or where inspiration will hit.

Walking through Anthropologie the other day inspiration hit.
Actually, I think I RAN INTO inspiration.

Bottles and Jars.
Hanging from the ceiling.

Honey jar chandeliers in the front window.
YES .. you got that right.
Honey bear jars with honey colored liquid in some.

Suspended by the DOZENS!
With backlights and hanging bulbs to make the whole thing

Awesome looking, but I moved on.

It was in the back of the store that I stumbled upon 
(or INTO)
my inspiration.

Canning jars with sand and small shells and rocks.
Well -- I rocked them
(bumped is probably more accurate)

and thought


And I had been looking for something to do with the stash of wine bottles and sparkling cider bottles we had been saving ....

So ...

Before the last barn sale
Cindy let me try it out for the
Land of Tarte.
(isn't she a good sport!)
and their "glamour shot" from Joy from Auntie Joy's ...
(we called it the 12-step chandelier)
We needed a LOT more bottles to get the look I was going for ...
but it's a start!

If you find yourself on the deck and not sure what to do ...
sit down and pour yourself a drink.
For me.

Anyone asks why the second glass?
Just tryin' to help Sammy Girl get that chandelier finished!



  1. Well, how awesome is that? Yes, Cindy is a doll to let you try it! Joy takes cute pics too!

    I hope you can come to the Nov. class here! It will be so much fun!


  2. Hey Sammy Girl thanks for commenting!! My camera is working great for me and glad I have my own now!!! Thanks again!!!

    Love, Madison

  3. I loved your bottle chandelier it was great, I am going to post later today on that sale, I too took a picture of it, I seem to have a weekness for pretty wine bottles, what a great way to show them off. Good Job.

  4. Glen is making me a chandelier out of Pellegrino bottles!
    Regarding your lamps...They miss U. We won't be at anything until after my "procedure" in September but are home a lot right now.Please call me 833-1242 and we'll meet up so you can enjoy them again. Marci

  5. I love Anthropolgie for inspiration. They have such clever displays - and i love how all the stores tweak the theme so they are all a bit different. Great chandelier!

  6. Hey Sammy Girl! I drive past Anthropologie every day on my way home from work and am continually inspired by their displays! Our store currently has drift wood hanging with beach glass die for!! I have often thought that I could re-create one of their awesome displays in a smaller format, of course, at home..but never quite get around to it....I love your bottle chandelier! Have a great evening! Laura :)

  7. Wow! Great inspiration and project! I've never been in one of those stores, not sure they are around here. I'm so deprived!!


  8. I've been gone and hadn't had time to check this before today! Way too cool, you are always welcome to use my pictures, I am totally complimented that you would want to.
    Hope you have a great week!