Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kempton Races - London part 4

Treasure hunting at the racetrack.
Not looking for odds on a pony ....
but winning on a
sure thing.

We're talkin'
Antique Market

Kempton Park

A racetrack much of the time
but home to antique market
every other week

Treasures from
England and Europe.
(Hurrah for the Chunnel!)

Of course there are no pictures of
our tube and train ride there.

Quaint towns, gardens,
etc, etc.

The camera stayed at the hotel.

Guess it wanted a nap.

After returning I woke the camera
and snapped a few pics to share.

Overview of the "finds"
Not a great pic - but includes
Victorian letter holder
lots of silverplate
knife rests
serving spoons
salt and mustard spoons
fish knives
no bone handles, though.
(too pricey)

many old keys
lion door knocker
drawer and door pulls
furniture brasses
clock faces
even a lock box
with key and inset drawer
that's chippy red inside!

See anything you like?

I love it all!
Who can resist?

To top it off?

Old legal documents.
Dating from
1851 to 1906 or so.

Not on paper.

REAL vellum.


How about a closer look?
Until next time!

Hugs and hope your day is filled with treasure --
Sammy Girl


  1. I still think you are having way too much fun. I remember stopping at a flea market on the Rhine River in Germany and I spotted a copper essential oil distiller, boy did I snatch that up, it was a table top model so it was easy to carry home.

  2. Oh - oh - oh! It almost takes my breath away! I wish I had been with you but know I'll get to see your treasures firsthand, upclose and for real. See anything I like? I like it all! So glad you were there. Life is moving on here at home - time to stop by and chat with Mr. Rusty Cat at your house again soon. Hugs from this side of the pond, ~Adrienne~

  3. What a treasure trove of goodies!!
    Did you take extra suitcases to bring all that stuff home??

    How are prices there compared to here.

    Blessings and thanks for always stopping by.
    barbara jean

  4. Great items - fun to dig through! You are having too much fun!

  5. Oh yeah, i already commented on this one. loved all your loot.

    Could that be what i heard in the song i thought was "Camptown" races?
    You know, "camptown races sing this song, do dah, do dah"
    Or, maybe not.

    barbara jean