Saturday, August 22, 2009

London part 2 and #50 Giveaway

You know ....
the big five-oh.

They say
fifty is the new forty.

Not sure what that

is the real deal.

Time to stand up and say
"this is what life is all about".

This 50 is about

I am currently in London
and wish you could be here, too.

Here's our hotel.
Yes --
the potted trees on the balcony ...
that's our room.

I can tell we're not in
Whoville anymore ...

public phones ...
public bathrooms (toilets)
and public buildings
way too snazzy for our 'burb.
Today we went to the V&A.

That's the
Victoria and Albert Museum.

A museum founded by Albert
consort to Queen Victoria.
Albert and Vickie
(his nickname for her)

Dedicating the "new" building was apparently one of her last official duties out of the palace.
Sorry - found that interesting ....

Inside the entry was this chandelier.
Yep -- Northwest glass artist
Dale Chihuly's work.
Felt right at home!

Didn't take too many pictures.
Plexiglas makes it tough and I hate asking people to move so that they AND their reflection are out of the screen ....

Maybe if I were a better
photographer ...

Anyhow ....
Tomorrow we go to
Buckingham Palace
and the Queen's Gallery.
Liz will be out of town.
But said we could visit.

More importantly,

this is my
50th post!

Yes ...
I did want to get this done

plans are often optimistic.

Enlarging the pic
to read the sign -
the pink corsets
off display
at the V&A
were scheduled
to return to exhibit
MARCH of 2008.
At least I'm not
THAT late!

I had planned an
extravagant post.


Rose themed
TONS of pics!

They are all on my computer at home.

This is what I have:
Why roses?

The giveway goodies
are all about roses.

Imagine a beautifully
decorated box.
Covered in pink paper.
Everything padded with
Pink tissue paper.
Pink and roses on

Didn't get done.

I DID get a quick picture.
Of some of the stuff.
Great book
Comforts of Home
bone china egg cup
fun little dish with cutouts,
three dishes with aqua banding
a plate with rose trim
delicate glass blown flower basket,
handpainted mug ....
Oops ...
not the mug.
Pink princess
"borrowed" it
after the picture was taken.
How could I say no
when she just confessed
she feels drawn to flowers.
This is something
new for her.
To make it up to you I am adding some vintage floral ephemera from my private stash, as well as a few goodies I hope to find at the markets and fleas here in London.


Just let me know of your visit
to ANY of my
London posts.

You are entered.

One for each post if you visit them all.

Thanks for all of your support -
Hugs and have a great day!
Sammy Girl


  1. You have a great trip and I loved the post, do you have to pay to use the public restrooms there? We did when we were in Germany. Enjoy your journey.

  2. What could be more perfect for a giveaway....England and everything roses!!!
    I have never seen a chandelier quite like that one before.... Gorgeous!!!
    Have a great time and can't wait to see more!!!
    Oh and congrats on your 50th!!!
    ps. Why can't we have telephone booths like that?

  3. Oooh, pick me, p-l-e-a-s-e!!! So glad you're having a good time. Tell your sweetie and the pink princess hi for us and give them hugs. We're headed to see Mr. Rusty and check things at your home in a bit. This time, for real, I think I'll put up my feet, savor the chocolates you left for me and indulge in a magazine or a book or two. My sweetie isn't sure what his plan is except to go see Mr. Rusty! Wish we were there with you but then who would keep Mr. R. company? ~Adrienne~

  4. Wish I could be there again....Enjoy for you and for me. :)
    Julie, Kindred Roses

  5. Sign me up! Lovely trip you are having...thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for that lovely post from London. That is so sweet of you to have a 50th post Giveaway. Everything is so beautiful. I came from my friend Adrienne's.