Wednesday, November 11, 2009

White Wednesday - Dying for the Holidays ... mini tutorial

Dying for the holidays
and a White Christmas?

Come on, Sammy Girl!
Christmas is coming ...

Oh, wait .....

Dying ... as in dye-ing??



More like "un-dying" ...

All right, all right ...
it's bleaching!

I just can't think of any 
catchy puns
to go with bleaching

so we are "un-dying"
green sisal trees

Old hat for some -
maybe something new for you!

Here's a veritable forest
I bought for under $1!

First step
pour water and bleach into a
non-reactive container.

That means
glass or plastic okay
(Mine is a plastic garbage can.)

Toss the green gems
into their beauty spa!

Do not include any plastic trees!

Stir to ensure
complete coverage.
Use a non-metallic spoon --

This spoon was my gramma's ...
thought it would add the right
holiday mojo!

Stir occasionally to check progress.
The bath will turn 

When you think they are ready,
take trees out to check color.

The large tree is splotchy ... needs more soaking!

(note: the Dept 56 trees were tough cookies ..
they have white plastic bases.
The cheapies with wood bases were 
fast and easy - hussies!)

When color is what you want
rinse to remove bleach.

I sprinkle on baking soda
before rinsing
to neutralize the bleach.

After the beauty spa?

Why a nice visit
by the fire!

Hugs and Happy White Wednesday!

green looking tree on the far left is Dept 56 and not quite as green in person 
dark green tree near middle is "control tree" with original color
first photo of white goodness is from Holiday Treasures sale Molly Mo's and Vintage Trifles, taken by Joy (Auntie Joy) - visit her blog here.


  1. what a fab idea...never thought of it! and the blog...the best!

  2. Thank you Thank you!!!!!! I have been curious how that was done. Big Hugs Florence

  3. Oh what a wonderful White Wednesday post.

    I love the trees, and decorating for the holidays is so much fun.


  4. Hi Sammy Girl, I am so happy I stopped by as I was just at someone else's blog who wanted to know how to make the green trees white. I'll run back and tell her where to go. Love your cute. Come for a visit. There's a give-away going on. xo Lynn

  5. Hey Girl...
    Thanks for the tutorial that is amazing! I am going to get the old bleach bucket out!
    Have a great WW

  6. I love to bleach anything... How do you think I would look as a blond!

  7. Thanks for the lesson - I'll have to try some of my trees for my village. Have always wanted them white!

    Thinking of you and Mr. S. today and praying for a good week for you two.


  8. It was so fun to see you today. I was surprised, I didn't think you were back. Will I see you Fri or Sat? I saw that 'Class" that you were talking about when I went to check on Marthas project. Nice!

  9. Can't believe you referred to a tree as a hussy ...but those cheapies do bleach easy! You have the technique down!

  10. I loved your comment and you are so right about Magpie Ethel, she simply can't be trusted!

  11. Hey!

    Thanks for coming by my blog today! I love your trees!!! I saw them on Joy's blog and was just in awe! Thanks for sharing the secret! :)

    So glad I am not the only one who is ready to jump into Christmas already! It can't get here fast enough for me!


  12. Great tip!!
    Never would have thought of it.

    How much bleach do you think for a 6' tree??

    Just kidding. =0))

    hugs and smiles,

    barbara jean

    ooh ooh!
    I've been looking for little silver trees with no luck. How about spraying them with silver glitter paint??

  13. Great project for White Wednesday. I just finished up my trees that I was doing. I did get some of the plastic ones too and spray painted them. I liked how they turned out.

    My sale is going to be located at building just outside of Mt.Angel on your way to Woodburn. There is a produce market there. I'm hoping to get more info on my blog and if you'd like a postcard, give me your address.

    Take care,


  14. I love love love this project!! I've mostly had success with it in the past, I'm not sure I've had a hussie tree but it sounds fun! Missed you at our sale.
    Dia ne