Wednesday, November 18, 2009

व्हिते वेद्नेस्दय

व्हिते वेद्नेस्दय!!
Welcome to White Wednesday!!
As a famous actor, racecar driver and
salad dressing empresario
once said …
“What we have here is a failure to communicate।”

My standard computer is
fried and the back-up
(once abandoned for talking Russian)
is now only talking to you in Hindi।
सी! थिस इस वहत आईटी दोएस!

I am only able to “talk” to you
by typing in publisher and
copying and pasting to the post।

Way too much work,
but I wanted to have a post to say “hi”
and share some neat stuff।
Alas, the pictures are on the fried computer!
I know many of you have been there and can commiserate।
Guess what I’m wanting to get for an early Christmas present!

Enjoy the images
(print ones are from my collection …
photos were on my नो हिन्दी स्पेअकिंग machine
for couple of years from who knows where … mine??)
Hugs and may all your “failures to communicate” have an element of fun!
Sammy Girl :)
Note: if you read Hindi … let me know if the translation is as funny as Google translate!

फ्रॉम एंड ओल्ड वेद्डिंग सरेमोनी book


हैप्पी व्हिते वेद्नेस्दय!


  1. What a riot! I kind of like the Hindi - it adds a touch of something different. I'm not seeing it on blogs I read but who knows, you might start a trend! When your post came up I knew exactly what had happened since you and I talked about your fried computer the other day. I hope Santa comes early for you this year - and I certainly hope you've been good enough to get your wished for computer! (I'll put in a good word for you, if you think it would help!)

  2. Dear Santa, I have been a real good girl this year so could you please come early and bring new computer?? ......... I am so sorry you are having problems...what a pain! I do love your White Wednesday. :)

  3. funny, well, not so funny, funny. I pulled it up and wondered how you got the pretty lettering on your post. Sorry 'bout your computer, no fun!!! Let me know what you end up getting. Have a nice evening.

  4. Lovely photos - and I thought it was sanskrit, not hindi! How funny!