Thursday, November 5, 2009

White Wednesday Woes

Woe is ME!

Sammy Girl

- usually all smiles -


Maybe it's because of the
computer malfunction
which caused

White Wednesday

to become
White Thursday, lol!


It's that I am out of town.

(this is State of Washington Capitol, not DC!)

That's not the sad part
as almost every town has

I will, however,
miss sales that
friends are having
back at home.

Stopped by
Tarte Barn
before I left.

Oo la la!

Cindy, Donna and Diana, Karen
and others ...

it's gonna be a yummy place
full of "white" magic.

If it's possible to miss something


I am gnashing teeth over

Holiday Treasures
early buying Friday

with Diane (Molly Mo)
and Martha (Vintage Trifles)
and "elf" Patty

Yes, they have awesome things!
(and shout out to Diane for holding a special thing for me!!)

And yes, they are
wonderful people with
a fabulous sale ....

The Kicker?

Diane's property is just
a hop
away from my mom's place.

Together with my sister
we like to make it
a fun outing for three.

Laughing, shopping,
great nibbles
(and did I mention maybe some bubbly?)

Boo Hoo

Guess I'd better get out and do some
"rebound shopping".

The things a gal's gotta do!

Hugs and here's to fabulous fun times with family and friends for you on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and EVERY DAY!!


Don't fee TOO sorry for me, as Mr. Sammy Girl and I will have some excursions and we will be in Seattle Friday night and get to see the Pink Princess (who will run her first 1/2 marathon after Thanksgiving!!)

For more White Wednesday (even a day late!) click on the icon to the right.

Holiday Treasures Info Here:

Tarte Barn Sale Info Here

enjoy the holiday sales in your town!

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  1. Hi there good friend. Hope you are having a wonderful time and find some goodies at the GW! Talk to you soon!