Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Heart Beats for You!

dear heart!
Note to all ...
not to be
to you today.
Thanks to hotel
business center computer
and pictures on my
camera's SD card!
A few weeks ago
(yes, seems like YEARS!!)
I enrolled in a couple of classes
Art and Soul
I love
Lisa Kaus
and took her class
"Be Still My Beating Heart".
An example of her
project and technique
from the class listing.
Everyone was able to
"do their own thing".
What fun!
Of course I didn't finish ...
until two days ago.
My work is very personal
but they say that
risk taking is empowering
whoever they are ... lol!
but here goes ...
Here's My Heart
and it beats for you ...
The piece is worked
on five sides.
key is from London -
there's a
keyhole escutcheon
on the other side
but no pic.
(thinking of changing the ribbon ...)
See the charms on the bottom?? I got them from sweet Laurie
it was here 1st time
at Art & Soul, too!

The charms are double sided ...
I like to be able to change things!
The most daring thing I did?
Adding doll arms and a
I was always taught
"Don't talk religion or politics"
Louder than talking,
a person's faith
should be transparent ...
a lens that colors everything
you do, see and say.
I know I fall short,
but we keep trying.
The plain paper was
too bright white
As Mr. Sammy Girl says,
I "rustied it up a bit".

I love cloth measuring tapes ...
and this one marks
a beginning ...
Added old music,
door knob
and a brass from London.

don't you love
finding beauty
in ordinary
funky stuff

And a special touch?

the word
from a dictionary.

It is OUR word ..
Mr. Sammy Girl's and mine.

Two meanings ...
moving or walking around a lot ..
we have moved

a lot!

Other meaning is
teaching by walking around
like Aristotle.

Teaching by
interacting with people ...

We are gypsies at heart
who try to teach
without teaching.

Crazy, huh?

Thanks for
letting me share.

My heart beats for you.

Hugs and know that even when you don't feel it, there are those who love you dearly!
note: the spacing didn't look right in the preview ... but gotta go and pick up Mr. Sammy girl from his meeting ....


  1. Ahhh.Thank you sweet lady!! Glad you like those charms they look nice on your stunning work of art!! You did a fantastic job! I love it! I'm so glad I was able to take at Art and Soul, It was so nice to spend a bit of time with you. Be safe coming home!

  2. Thanks for sharing your creative project. Florence

  3. I'm loving what you created. It's really wonderful and so personal. Sorry I haven't been by in awhile!